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  • Your data is safe and secure

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  • Your data is safe and secure

  • Zero up front fees or costs

  • Quick, secure and hassle-free online form

  • Paid directly to your bank account fast

Instant Cash Advance Online in Minutes

If you are looking for the best cash advance online, AdvanceSOS is here to help! We offer small $100 to $5,000 cash advance loans from online direct cash advance lenders, companies, apps, and alternatives.

  • We have a quick and secure online application with instant decision, and if approved, you can receive funds to your bank account on the same day or the next business day.
  • Get approved for a legit cash advance loan online with no credit check for people with bad credit immediately.
  • Apply for an instant cash advance loan online with AdvanceSOS to cover your short-term financial needs and small expenses. Use our fast cash loans for paying bills, car repairs, or for another unexpected bill.

To get started, click on the “Apply Now” button and complete our application in less than 2 minutes!

Cash Advance Loan Services

Payday Loans

A payday loan is an instant short-term small cash advance loan. Depending on your local state laws, you can borrow payday loans online amounts between $100 – $1000 online. Payday loan repayment terms include, single repayment on or before the due date (usually on your next payday).

Installment Loans

Installment loans are medium-term online cash advances. Borrowable loan amounts range from $1,000 up to $5,000. Installment loans can be due up to 24 months, depending on the loan terms. Installment loan repayment terms specify that it is payable in regular intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.).

How to Get Started

Are you wondering, “How do I apply for a safe cash advance?” Get guaranteed approval for a cash advance online, 24/7 with only one gadget and these three easy steps.

Quick & Easy

Fill up a fast online cash advance application form for 2-5 minutes.


Get your top loan offer within a few hours, review loan terms, and sign an online contract.


Withdraw your loan funds via direct deposit into your bank account on the same or next business day.

Cash Advance Online Requirements


Be at least 18 years old.


Be a documented US citizen or a certified permanent resident.


Be earning at least $1,500 monthly.

Personal Details

Have the active bank account number of your checking or savings account
Have an active phone number and e-mail where we can send you updates about your loan.

Why Choose AdvanceSOS for an Online Cash Advance Loans?

Premium Services Brought to You by Finance Experts

Our team behind AdvanceSOS, led by Nick Wilson, comprises high-caliber finance experts. Nick himself is a well-seasoned loan officer with years of experience in finance. He and his team continue to develop their systems to find the top cash advances in the US.

So rest assured that you are within competent hands, working to serve you better every day.

Legit and Trustworthy Direct Lenders Only

AdvanceSOS assures you that only top online cash advance lenders are in our network. We have a stringent evaluation process to filter lenders. We also conduct regular checks to ensure that all lenders are serving our customers’ best interests.

No Fax, Soft Credit Checks, No Collateral or Guarantor Needed

AdvanceSOS strives to make borrowing loans easier for all its valued customers. Our cash advances are unsecured. An unsecured loan does not need collateral or a guarantor. So lenders may use soft credit checks instead of invasive hard credit checks that hurt your credit.

So you don’t have to worry about bad credit or a low credit score – you can still get an AdvanceSOS quick online cash advance loans. Our cash advances are for everyone, including you.



What Is a Cash Advance Online?

A cash advance online (also called cash advance loan, advance loans, money advance, cash advancement) is a short-term personal loan from an online lender or broker. The term described the online cash advance service that credit card companies offered cardholders. Back then, cardholders could withdraw small cash based on their credit limit. 

But with the internet, the online cash advance loan made a new definition. It’s a fast way to get money without hassle at a certain price. As for the replacement of a credit card, online cash advancement lenders consider paychecks. Paychecks can vouch that you can pay the advance loan, securing your money advance.

For example, you can get $255 payday loans online on the same day with a paycheck to back your advance loans up. Your lender will verify that your income (payroll paycheck) can sustain your loan. Then, you can cash it out right away. As easy as that, and you don’t need to pull up extra documents to qualify.

What’s the Difference Between Cash Advance Loan and Credit Card Cash Advance?

With a credit card advance, the better holder you are, the better the amount, rates, and repayment you receive. If you don’t have a credit card with the bank you’re borrowing from, you may not get a loan. Advance loans, on the other hand, are more flexible. Money advance lenders take almost anything as security for their loans. 

Therefore, as long as your security can support the amount you want to borrow, you can get a cash advance loan. If you’re employed with a job, your salary will do. If you receive government benefits regularly, that can work, too. As long as you have a stable source of funds, you will draw your loan payments

What Are Types of Advance Loans?

Cash Advance Loans

Money advance loans are small, short-term loans (a few weeks to a couple of months long). You can get cash advance loans online with only your computer or phone. With a few simple clicks, you can cash out $50 up to $500 (depending on your lender) in as fast as 24 hours.

People often use money advance loans online to pay for small unexpected costs. Then most often, you will have to finance your advance loan on your next payday. This is why advance loans are also known as “payday loans.”

Installment Loan

Installment loans are long-term loans that last a few months to a few years. Borrowers can also borrow more with the longer repayment term for installment loans. The loanable amount for installment loans varies – starting from $1,000. 

With installment loans, borrowers repay little by little on a set schedule. Every week or month, you pay a fraction of your loan amount plus interest until you have paid the loan in full.

Line of Credit

As its name describes, a line of credit is an open credit line that your lender approves. You can borrow as much as you need within the approved credit limit by your lender. From the credit line, the amount you borrow will go to your checking account, where you can withdraw all of your borrowed cash.

With lines of credit, there is a minimum payment amount. So, you must pay your lender a certain amount each billing period to keep the line open. You also have to pay attention to this advance loan as penalties for missing payments are higher. 

Can I Get a Cash Advance Online With AdvanceSOS?

Yes, you can get a cash advance online from a direct lender with AdvanceSOS. We offer unsecured cash advance loans: short-term payday loans of $50-$1,000 and long-term installment loans of $1,000-$5,000. The process is straightforward complete our application online within 2 minutes. You’ll have to submit personal details like your name, phone number, email address, SSN, and information about your employment. The application process for AdvanceSOS’s online cash advances can take less than 5 minutes.

With AdvanceSOS, knowing what you need is all that’s required to start the loan-searching process. Connect with AdvanceSOS today to let us know how much you need and which state you live in, and we can get started. Learn more about the application process to get approval for your money advance loan below.

  1. Apply & Check Eligibility

Apply for a cash advance online with only a few clicks. Use our online portal and make a decision as early as 24 hours. The latest you have to wait is up to the following business day. You can immediately find out the details of your top loan deal from a top-tier advance loan lender near you.

  1. Read & Sign Your Loan Agreement

After getting your top loan deal, see the loan agreement. Ensure you agree with all the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing it. Note the interest rate, repayment term, and other essential details of your loan. Once you’re sure about it, attach your electronic signature and send your request back to us for review.

  1. Get Funded & Ready to Repay

Once your lender approves you, your money advance funds will be with you 24 hours up to the next business day. Online cash advance loans are now transferred to bank accounts of borrowers. So check yours to see if your loan process is already with you.

Can I Get a Fast Cash Advance With AdvanceSOS in the USA?

Yes, you can get an ultra-fast advance loan with AdvanceSOS in the US. When you request a quick cash advance, we at AdvanceSOS know how important it is to get the funds ASAP. You have immediate needs and no time to waste. If you need a cash advance right now, apply for an instant cash advance online with us today. 

Get the financial help you need on the same day from a reputable lender near you. Qualify and get an instant approval for same day deposit payday loans that get you anytime. With AdvanceSOS, rest assured that you have a backup cash plan whenever you need it.

Can I Get a Cash Advance Online On The Same Day?

AdvanceSOS offers online cash advance loans with same day deposit from a legit direct lender with guaranteed instant decision. Apply online before 10:30 AM EST to get same-day funding to your (checking or saving) bank account. We provide quick and easy qualifying same-day cash advance with bad credit and no credit check.

Can I Get an Instant Cash Advance?

AdvanceSOS offers small $50-$5000 instant cash advance loans online with no credit check and bad credit from direct lenders with 98% guaranteed approval. You can easily apply for money advance using browser apps like Safari and Google Chrome. AdvanceSOS AI system will quickly find a lender near your location with top rates, less than 2 minutes, and you get instant funding to your bank account (debit or credit card) on the same day or next business day until payday.

How to Choose an Online Lender for Cash Advance?

Choose the perfect lender among the many who fit your needs and expectations for a money advance. Know what you need, borrow what you can afford, and double-check your lender's credibility.

  1. Assess your financial situation . While you may be putting your current position as your #1 priority, do not forget about what comes after – paying. Ensure that you have a plan on how to pay your loan in full and on time.
  2. If possible, lower your regular expenses . Adjust your budget to make way for your loan payments. Stick to funding only your essentials until you can repay your lender.
  3. Do your research . Search for customer testimonials and feedback on your potential lender. Choose one with a strong track record to back their services up.
  4. Ask questions and demand transparency . Before getting on board, clear up all your questions and concerns with your lender.

Is Cash Advances Online Right for Me?

An advance loan online is perfect for you if you:

  • Need money ultra-fast with minimum effort and hassle
  • Have little to no credit history to depend on
  • Have no other cash options left to turn to
  • Understand your loan’s rates and terms
  • Can afford to repay your lender by the due date

If you are the person described above, an advance loan online from AdvanceSOS is perfect. People usually utilize cash advances after exhausting other options, such as asking friends and family for a loan or tapping into their savings. Cash advances online are the best options when you need money immediately.

Before borrowing, always ensure you fully understand the rates and terms of your money advance to avoid any issues in the future. Remember that your advance loan should help you, not get you into more trouble. 

What Are the Requirements for an Online Cash Advance?

In short, you must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, and a stable income earner with an active bank account. This way, you can get a money advance without hassle with AdvanceSOS. See below for more details about what to prepare before sending us your online form.

  1. Must be at least of legal age (18 years old)
  2. Must be a US citizen or legal permanent resident
  3. Must have a stable income of at least $1,500 monthly after tax
  4. Must have an active US bank account
  5. Must have complete contact details (phone number + email address).

Pass the five criteria above and be confident that you qualify online for all our advance loans. Apply with documents and other personal details through our online portal.

Can I Get a Cash Advance Loan Online With No Credit Check?

Yes, you can get a cash advance online with no credit check with AdvanceSOS. You don’t have to worry about staining your loan application or credit report. Instead, your lender will only do a soft credit check on your essential background. So, instead of snooping around your private info, we will only ensure you’re a real person who qualifies.

Without hard checks, borrowers with less-than-perfect credit can still get approval. You don’t have to worry about your credit history or how it can prevent you from securing the cash you need.

How Does AdvanceSOS Compare to a Cash Advance App?

Apps that give cash loan advances let you borrow money from your next paycheck before you get it. This system is similar to AdvanceSOS. They will take the money borrowed from your bank account on your next payday (the next time you get paid), just like instant cash advance app AdvanceSOS.

Cash loan advance applications in Apple App Store and Google Play don’t charge interest nor show the cost of borrowing as an APR. Instead, they charge you extra money in different ways on top of what you owe. Some advance loan apps charge a monthly membership fee to use it. 

With AdvanceSOS, there is more transparency. We use APR as an industry standard to help make terms more straightforward. With money advance apps, it can be harder to figure out how much you have to pay.



Cash Advance Apps


Trusted and award-winning loan services provider to all borrowers since 2019. Featured in the Southern US Financial Services Companies top list.

Most popular apps only came out in the last few years.


Strictly regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act , The Truth in Lending Act , Fair Lending Act , and other state regulations.

Little to no regulatory laws for the apps to offer legit protection for consumers.

Funding Amounts

Fast cash loans up to $5,000. Loan limit up to how much your state allows.

Offer up to a few hundred dollars ONLY.

Rates & Terms

Payment amounts are precise with fixed APRs. Also, with clear policies on late payments, non-payment, and renewal.

Payment amounts and terms vary from app to app, which can be confusing.

Privacy & Security

Comprehensive “Clients-First” Privacy Policy protects all personal info from unauthorized third-party creepers.

May track where your GPS location, steal personal info, or spy on what you do with your bank account.

Customer Support

Call, email, or chat with us 24/7 to get real help from real people from our team.

May only offer impersonal support through mobile chat – no personalized experience.

What Is the Best Way To Find a Cash Advance Near Me?

AdvanceSOS makes applying for and getting the money you need at home or out and about. Borrowers in Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, California, and Alabama can use AdvanceSOS for FREE.

If you live in one of the above states, stop searching online for “money advance near me” or “financial company near me” and start applying with AdvanceSOS at once!

When Should Money Advance Be Used?

Use money advances for emergency purposes only. A money advance is perfect for a home/car repair or a medical emergency that can be catastrophic if you wait for cash any longer. Otherwise, a money advance can get you in bad debt and more trouble.

Is Online Cash in Advance Safe?

Our cash loan advances here at AdvanceSOS are only from safe and reliable lenders. Our network of top-tier lenders undergoes regular auditing. We check for lending licenses and customer track records to assure your safety as a borrower.

As an added layer of protection, ensure that the website you transact with your lender is safe and reliable. Verify with your State Attorney General to authenticate your lender’s site.

How Do I Get a Cash Advance Right Away?

AdvanceSOS is the place to go if you need a money advance immediately. Get instant approval directly and withdraw your funds within 24-48 hours. Apply early in the day and submit your requirements without error to get your loan funds faster.

Is a Cash Advance Loan a Payday Loan?

While they can be used interchangeably, payday and advance loans can differ.

Contrary to payday loans, advances are often utilized to meet urgent financial demands.

Depending on the lender, payday loans may be repaid over a longer time than cash advance loans. But there are also times when advances can do the same thing as a payday loan – it depends.

What Is the Maximum Loan Advance Amount?

The most you can borrow with an advance loan depends on several things. The main things to consider are where you live, your monthly income, and who your lender is. 

Where you live limits how much you can borrow based on the state and local regulations and laws you may have. And the stronger your income source is, the more you can borrow. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Money From My Cash Loan?

If you’re approved for one of our advance loans, you’ll get an online contract that you’ll need to read and sign. When we get that document, we’ll put the money in your bank account on the same day or the next business day.

What Is the Interest Rate on a Cash Advance Loan?

Most advance loan lenders charge between $15 and $20 in interest for every $100 borrowed. The APR for payday loans is between 391% and more than 521%. They are an expensive form of credit, and interest rates are higher than is used for credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, etc. So think of them as a last resort. Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Can I Borrow a Cash Advance With Bad Credit?

AdvanceSOS has cash advance options for borrowers with poor FICO credit scores for emergencies. We work with more than 100 online direct lenders in different US states, so we can find a lender who will almost guarantee to approve your application for a cash advance with bad credit.

What Happens if I Do Not Repay?

Paying back your loan is a responsibility that, when not met, has consequences. If you fail to meet the agreed repayment terms and miss payments a bit, your lender can charge you a late payment fee. But, if you fail to pay off your cash advance loans for months on end, your lender can use a debt collector. A debt collector can cause hassle to you with follow-up texts, calls, and emails. They can also knock on your door to talk to you or file a civil case to settle the matter in court.

Are There Any Fees for Submitting a Form for Inquiry?

No, there are none. All AdvanceSOS services are free to all its customers. Submitting an online application form to inquire is free of charge.

I read and agree to Terms, Rates, Privacy Policy, before submitting a loan request.