How to Get a Cash Advance on a Credit Card Without a PIN in 2023?

how to get a cash advance on a credit card without a pin

You can borrow money from your credit card even if you don’t have a PIN. The easiest way to get cash from a credit card without a PIN is to go to a bank that works with your credit card issuer. Ask for fast online cash advance loans, and show your card and a government-issued photo ID. You could also ask your credit card company for “credit access checks.” You can then use your new checks to access your credit card balance and turn some of it into cash.

You can also get a cash advance without a PIN by buying a money order from a company like MoneyGram or Western Union. Additionally, you can link your credit card to a service like Amazon Pay. If you did not know you could turn your card balance into cash, read: What Is a Cash Advance?

How to Use Your Credit Card With No PIN for Cash Advances

Visit Your Issuer Bank or an In-Network ATM

Go to your issuer bank, present a valid ID, and work with a teller. You could also try an ATM that is part of the same network (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.). Staying in your bank’s network can save you money by letting you avoid fees. And also because you probably won’t be able to get cash from your card anywhere else.

Ask For and Use Access Checks

If your credit card has an access check feature, also called convenience checks, you can use that. Some banks accept access checks and convert them into cash. Access checks are blank checks that use your credit line. Some issuers send access checks even if you don’t ask for them, but you can call customer service if you do not have any.

Use a Money-Transfer Service

A money order can be purchased using a credit card from a company like Western Union or MoneyGram. By doing this, you would be able to send money to a recipient using only their phone number or email address. It won’t give you money immediately, but if you transfer the money to the right person, you will get cash.

Link to a Digital Payment Service

Make payments with a linked credit card account via apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Though there will be a cost for these services, this method can cut the need to withdraw cash altogether. But if you need money in paper form, this method may not work well for you.

You can also link a credit card to an Amazon Pay account and pay a merchant that way. But, the merchant needs an Amazon “Recipient Name.”

Is There a Cash Advance Fee for No-PIN Withdrawals?

Be careful with cash advances when you use a PIN. Most of the time, they charge cash advance fee rates and a 2–5% fee. Also, there is no grace period, so the interest rate starts to add up as soon as the transaction is done. Regardless, unexpected things happen, so here are some things you can do if you need to withdraw money without a PIN:

Top (Cheaper) Alternative Cash Withdrawal Methods 

Prepaid Card

Put cash on a prepaid card beforehand and use the balance to make purchases. Prepaid cards are convenient and let you take money out of ATMs whenever possible. But, some prepaid card companies charge hidden fees that can hurt you. Before putting your hard-earned money on a prepaid card, do some research on the company that makes it.

Debit Card

When you need cash, it’s always better to use your debit card instead of your credit card. Of course, you need money in your bank account to do this. If you have cash in your account, you should always use your debit card to take it out. Even if you use an ATM from another network bank, it will cost less than an ATM from the same network.

Personal Loan

If you need cash fast but don’t want to pay a lot for a cash advance, you can get the money you need through a personal loan. When you get a personal loan, you’ll get a lump sum of cash that you can use to pay cash-only expenses. 

A personal loan is a general term for loans you can get for any use. Some online loans are also personal loans, but they are more straightforward to get if you ever need cash fast. Check out the best cash advance app where you can get a personal loan to turn into cash. 

In Conclusion: Is There a No-PIN Credit Card Cash Advance?

No-PIN credit card cash advances can save you during an emergency. The most common way to use a credit card to get cash is through an ATM. But you can also: 

  1. Encash your access check from your credit card company,
  2. Send money to someone through a money-transfer service and have them resend the cash back to you, or
  3. Link your credit card to a digital payment service to cash-out funds.

A cash advance should never be your first choice, as cash advance fees are known for being higher than average. So before getting a cash advance from any of the reputable credit card issuers, exhaust other options first. You can try a prepaid card, debit card, or a personal loan.

Cash advances usually have higher interest rates than regular purchases. So, always think about what will happen to your finances if you can’t pay off your account balance right away.

How to Get a Cash Advance on a Credit Card Without a PIN in 2023?

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