How To Make 100 Dollars Fast in 2023

How To Make 100 Dollars Fast

Unexpected bills can happen to anyone, and sometimes we find it hard to scrape up a 100-dollar bill. Being in this situation is distressing until you discover that there are many ways to make 100 dollars fast. You can get your challenges sorted with these methods within a day or more, depending on which plan you choose. So get those needed items listed because you are about to get money for their purchase.

1 – Text Links

Text Links are one of the ways to make money fast. They are words or phrases highlighted on web pages that open up a different write-up on the web when clicked on. You can make 100 today online just by linking some companies’ websites to yours. 

In fact, there are many institutions with pages online that will conveniently pay you over $1,000 for this alone. That said, if you have a blog post, you can easily get 100 dollars and sort your bills just by inserting a link.

2 – Clean Houses

Many desire a clean house, but only a few have time to give it their best. You can take advantage of this if you don’t know how to make quick money. A lot of people do this as a side hustle since it has proven to be an effective way to make extra money. 

You can get paid about $150 or more for a single house, depending on its size. The city you work in will also influence the amount you earn. Post an ad on Facebook to inform your family and friends!

3 – Sponsored Posts

Included in the ways to make extra money are sponsored posts. If you are wondering how to make quick money, you can reach out to companies willing to pay you to mention or advertise their services on your website. You can get 100 dollars or more for each post you make. 

You can even increase your charges as time passes, for some bloggers earn about $3,000 monthly, and some even get as high as $20,000. It is also your best bet if you’re wondering how to make 200 dollars fast. It all depends on how much traffic your blog can generate. A little advice is for you to try to only promote products or services that sit right with your values.

4 – Affiliate Marketing

One way or the other, you have probably heard of Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the easiest ways to make fast money, but this only works if you have a website. If that is in place, all you need to do is include affiliate links and sit back while you watch your earnings skyrocket. 

If you need a steady income, you may find yourself searching for articles on how to make an extra 100 a week. However, all of that wouldn’t be necessary if you hone your skills in affiliate marketing. People earn over $100,000 from this business. Companies from different niches are involved, but only those in financial planning will pay you wholesomely for promoting them. 

5 – Resell Designer Clothes

If you need 100 dollars now, reselling designer clothes is one of the best ways to make money fast. Thrift stores are a great advantage in the resell market because you can get designer clothes for a very low price. Then, you can sell them online and earn a profit.

If you can do this, you need not keep looking for how to make 100 dollars fast online.

6 – Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is also one of the ways to make 100 today online. You can make fast money if you like to write. Starting out, a website can pay you about 150 dollars for a single article. As you progress and improve your skills, you earn much more. 

Some freelance writers earn over $1,000 per article and others make millions of dollars annually. And apart from making money fast, you will also create awareness for yourself and your creativity, especially when you write for big websites. 

7 – Make Money Selling Your Stuff

Strapped for cash? Sell a few items you have in your house or garage. If you look around and find unused items, you can bet selling them is one of the ways to make money fast. Search the house, rooms, and garage and pile up stuff you don’t need or use. 

List them on online websites like Craigslist if they are furniture or ThredUp if you are selling fashion wear. You can also use the Declutter app to sell items like old phones or DVDs.

8 – Coaching

Are you a guru in a specific field? Then you don’t need to keep looking for ways to earn extra money. You can make 100 today online by starting a coaching business. People are always curious and willing to learn one or two things. You only need to present your skills in an exciting and relatable manner. 

If you are also looking for how to make 100 dollars fast as a teenager, you should try this out. No one is an island of knowledge, so whatever skills you have, even as a kid, put it out there. Depending on your niche, you can earn as much as $200 to $300 per hour. 

9 – Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer Lending is another way to make money fast. There are web pages online where investors and borrowers collaborate and meet a mutual, financially beneficial agreement. If you are willing to be an investor, you can check out sites like Lending Club or Upstart, where you can put your cash in crowdsourced funds for borrowers all over the country. 

These investments yield high returns and can be a nice source of passive income for you. Also, note that while you make fast money, you are helping someone somewhere.


If you are looking just to borrow 100 dollars online and pay it back later, you can check out payday loans online with same day deposit. To avoid such situations and be fully prepped in the near future, you should check out some budgeting tips.

How To Make 100 Dollars Fast in 2023

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