How To Make 800 Dollars Fast in 2023

How To Make 800 Dollars Fast

It’s stressful when you need cash fast to settle emergency needs, but you don’t have enough savings to cover it. There are plenty of expenses that might need $800 to settle, such as rent, payments for car repairs, emergency medical bills, and so on. These are expenses that really can’t wait for too long. 

Fortunately, there are a few realistic ways you can make 700 dollars fast or even $800 within a few days or weeks so you can settle your bill. In this post, we’ll cover some of those options and how you can earn money with them. 

1 – Earn Cash By Filling Out Online Surveys 

Filling out online surveys on a free survey app is one of the ways you can earn money online for free. Companies carrying out research to determine market trends and understand prospective consumers often pay people to fill out surveys as a part of their research. 

There are platforms that help companies like this obtain data from individuals who fit the specific criteria they require through online surveys. Examples of top-paying survey sites where you can earn money consistently include Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, LifePoints, and InboxDollars. By signing up on these paid survey sites, you get points for the online surveys you fill out, and you can redeem these points for real cash and other real world rewards. 

2 – Cash Back Apps

While this isn’t exactly a way to earn money, cash-back apps provide you with a way to save money on everyday purchases when you shop online. Instead of shopping through a regular online store, cash back apps offer you direct access to the product you want to purchase. 

In return for using their platform, they’ll pay you a small percentage of your purchase back, essentially saving money in the long run. Some examples of platforms where you can earn free money for shopping online include: 

  • Dash
  • Rakuten
  • GetUpside 
  • GetRewards 

3 – Work Online

If you have a skill that you can sell online, you can either get a full-time remote job or work online as a freelancer. Virtual assistants can earn up to $1,000 weekly for their services, which makes this one of the best answers on how to make 900 dollars fast. You can also take up other jobs such as bookkeeping, office assistant, social media management, and so on to make money online. 

An alternative is to work as a freelancer. In this case, you can work for multiple clients on your own schedule with no permanent contract. Some of the skills you can offer online as a freelancer include writing, data entry, transcription service, web design, and graphic design. Freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, offer you a way to connect with clients in need of these services. 

4 – Get Free Stocks

This may sound too good to be true, but it really exists. There are companies that offer people free stocks as a way to encourage them to sign up on their platforms. For instance, Robinhood, a commission-free finance company, offers new users cash rewards of up to $200 when they sign up and refer friends. 

Webull is another platform with a profitable free stock reward system where account approval can earn you money. New users get free stock worth up to $1,600 when they deposit $100, and even more, they refer their friends. Other sites where you can make 800 dollars by getting free stocks include Acorns, Public, and M1 Finance 

5 – Get Paid to Walk

This one has to be top on the list of “strange ways to make money online,” but it is definitely legitimate and worth trying out. Some apps, such as HealthyWage, Sweatcoin, and Achievement, offer users rewards for completing health challenges and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

These platforms usually reward users with points that they can redeem for cash, goods, or services. How much you can earn from platforms like this as a passive income stream depends on how often you use them and how fast you can complete the challenges. 

6 – Get a Loan 

When you run out of cash and need money fast, one of the surest ways to get the money you need is to borrow money instantly. You can get a personal loan, a payday loan, or even a title loan using an asset as collateral. 

These days you can apply for a loan and complete the entire application process online without visiting a bank. You also don’t need a perfect credit score to get up to 800 dollars from many loan providers since they do not do credit checks for payday loans with direct deposit on the same day.

Once your application is approved, up to $1000 loan could be sent directly to your bank account as a direct deposit by the loan providers, making this one of the fastest ways to earn same-day emergency cash when you have no other option. Platforms like AdvanceSOS connect borrowers with lenders offering quick loans to meet their emergency needs, and you can apply online through a simple online process. 

7 – Sell Pictures Online 

If you are skilled at taking pictures with phones or a digital camera, one of the ways you can make money online is by selling photos. Some stock photo sites allow photographers to earn royalties on the quality photos that people purchase from their site. 

Usually, the money is billed based on the percentage of the total sale, which means it is difficult to tell the exact amount you’ll earn. Nonetheless, it’s still a viable option to consider, especially if you’re a photographer. Some sites that will pay you for high-quality photos include iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia, Photomoolah, and so on. 

8 – Get Paid to Watch Ads

Ads are annoying when they pop up while you’re using an app or website, but they probably won’t be so annoying if you get paid each time you click to watch one. You might be shocked to find out that there are platforms that pay you a token for each ad you watch. 

Platforms like Swagbox, Inbox Dollars, and My Point have a reward system that lets you earn points or money when you watch ads. You don’t have to buy products or do what the ad says. You simply need to watch the advert video, and you earn a token for your trouble. 


As you can see, many of these options offer a simple way to earn money online and in the real world. While they’re unlikely to make you rich overnight, they’re great options to consider when you need to earn 800 dollars within a few days or weeks. 

If you’re facing financial troubles, you should also consider checking your budget with the best budgeting app and adjusting your expenses accordingly to save any extra cash that you can.

How To Make 800 Dollars Fast in 2023

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