Legal Disclaimer

AdvanceSOS, LLC that owns and operates this website is neither a direct lender, a representative of any lender, nor a service provider. It makes no loans or credit decisions and is in no way involved in the process of lending.

AdvanceSOS, LLC does not endorse or promote any financial product or service. This website is also in no way a solicitation for any loan products or an offer to lend money for a specified period.

The AdvanceSOS website is designed to act as a referral service that aims to link its users, i.e. the potential borrowers, and qualified lenders. Since AdvanceSOS provides only advertising services, it does not control or regulate and is not responsible for any actions of the creditor.

Offers, credit conditions, rates, and fees are within the responsibility and control of the particular lender who provides its financial services. Applicants’ requests are submitted to multiple lenders to increase their chances to get an approval, though the applying procedure itself in no way guarantees receiving a loan offer.

The loan amount and repayment terms vary between lenders. Late payment terms and renewal policies vary by individual lender or service provider. It is the borrower’s responsibility to obtain information about them.

Loan services are only available in certain states. Therefore, residents of some states may not be able to apply for short-term loans. You, as the user of this website, bear no obligation to use our services, enter into any commercial relationship with the lender, apply for any loan product, or agree to any loan offer from our partners.

The registration data provided by users on will be shared with registered lenders, partners, and affiliates in accordance with AdvanceSOS Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. By using, users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed with them.

Credit Consequences

Any participating lender may conduct a credit check on any credit decision at their discretion. This action may include contacting a credit information agency to determine the applicant’s creditworthiness. By providing their personal information, the applicant agrees to allow participating lenders to verify the information provided and to check their creditworthiness.

Buyer Beware

Short-term lending is designed to meet financial needs and is not an ultimate financial solution. Moreover, short-term loans involve costs for the borrower and can potentially aggravate the financial situation of the latter.

Consulting with a financial expert is advised to meet your financial needs, as well as for advice on the risks associated with short-term loans and the available alternatives.

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