Financial Tools by AdvanceSOS

Financial Tools

The right loan means getting the lowest rate from a reliable lender. Discover where to find lenders with up-to-date licenses and top-tier track records by using AdvanceSOS’ Loan Calculator tool to see all the trustworthy direct lenders near you online within seconds.

Then, find out how much your loan should cost for guidance in loan hunting. Using AdvanceSOS’ Cashing Places Near Me Tool, know what to expect. Have the pricing reference to avoid being scammed by bogus lenders.

Loan Calculator Tool

Use our Payday Loan Calculator to determine the typical terms for payday loans and advances. Share your target amount, annual interest rate, and loan term in months. Then, discover what to expect for your loan, such as:

  • Amount Repayable
  • Monthly Repayments
  • Total Interest Payable
  • Total Interest Cap

With our intelligent loan calculator, never again be fooled into exploitive loans. Learn what’s out there before looking for a loan, so you’ll know the red flags. Find out what terms are fair so you won’t be click-baited into taking anything less. Get the best out of this free advisory tool by AdvanceSOS today!

Cashing Places Near Me Tool

Know where the top lenders near you are using AdvanceSOS’ Check Cashing Places Near Me Tool. Get updated on where you can find the best rates right now to cash your check fast and easily. Use this tool for free to tap into the top check cashers AdvanceSOS partners. We have lists and maps of the most trustworthy check cashers in Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, California, and Alabama.

Use this tool to know where to go, even before leaving your home! Waste zero time walking the streets and asking strangers where to get cash fast, and steer away from the scammers lurking in the corners waiting for you to be their next prey.

With AdvanceSOS, rest assured you are safe with the vetted lenders we check regularly. Our team of experienced financial officers, led by Nick Wilson, is at work. We have systems up and running 24/7, ensuring we only recommend reliable cashers complete with licenses and an excellent track record. So, with AdvanceSOS’ FREE tool, you have the guidance of our strong team to find top lenders who aim only to serve you well.