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Instant Payday Loans Online Guaranteed Approval

guaranteed payday loans

Emergencies come and go, but sometimes they require same cash you do not have. For example, you may need to pay for your prescription or repair your car. Whatever the situation, instant payday loans online with AdvanceSOS can help.

We offer top-tier services on guaranteed approval loans, withdrawable on the same day. We even have a no-credit-check option to speed up the process and avoid hurting your credit score. Have the money you need without worrying about nonexistent or bad credit. AdvanceSOS has your back!

What Are Instant Payday Loans?

Instant payday loans are cash advances you can take almost in a blink of an eye. Approach an instant payday loan lender and get approval for a loan on the same day. You do this by setting up your next paycheck as security for the loan to get guaranteed approval.

More often than not, instant payday loans are the same as bad credit loans. Since the approval for such a loan is ultra-fast, you can get payday loans with no credit check. Your lender does not find out your history, allowing you to get cash regardless of your credit status.

Fast forward to 2023, there are now instant same-day deposit payday loans online. They are even faster, as you can access them any time, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The idea is that you get access to cash with same-day payday loans ASAP during times of dire need.

How Does an Instant Payday Loan Work? | The Five Easy Steps

Step 1. Submit a Loan Request

Let us know what you need to plan out how we can help. To Get Started, let us know the answers to the questions below.

  1. How much do you need (the loan amount)?
  2. When will you pay back your lender (the due date)?
  3. Which state do you live in now (your zip code)?

The basics above are all you need to start your payday lending journey with AdvanceSOS. Be sure to put in the correct information to avoid any delay.

Step 2. Get Loan Approval

We’ll process your loan request in up to a few hours. By then, we’ll be able to let you know which of the many loans we have matched to your requirements. You will see your top loan offer, already pre-approved by one of our lenders.

Clicking on the offer will guide you to your lender’s website, where you view all the details of your offer. Read the terms and conditions to see if you like them.

Step 3. Sign the Agreement

If you like what’s on your screen, you’re only one step away from getting your top loan offer from AdvanceSOS. Sign the digital agreement with your lender, and the cash is yours.

Step 4. Get Your Money

Your lender will wire your loan money within 24–48 hours, depending on the day you sent your request. Note that banks are open from 9 AM–5 PM only and close on weekends and holidays. Applying outside of this schedule can delay your cash transfer, so try to apply within that timeframe to cut the delay.

Step 5. Repay Your Lender

Remember the due date you picked out in Step 1? That’s the day you have to come back around to repay your lender. Your lender will be waiting for you to put your repayment funds into your bank account on said day. Most of the time, they’re automatic debit payments. If you have the money in your account, your lender will get paid right away on the due date.

Is an Instant Payday Loan Legitimate?

Instant payday loans get support from the borrowers’ paychecks they receive on their next payday. Thus, your income will secure your loan. With this, you’re telling your lender they will receive their loan back as soon as your next paycheck arrives.

Borrowers’ paychecks as securities for instant payday loans make them legitimate. Your lender has something to hold on to, making the process not a one-way street. Since you know why your lender can loan you money fast, you don’t have to worry about them scamming you.

Can People With Bad Credit Apply for Payday Loans?

Yes, people with bad credit can apply for payday loans. Your bad credit score does not disqualify you from any of our loans; however, there is a minimum income amount you must meet in order to qualify for approval here at AdvanceSOS. To secure a bad credit instant payday loan, you need to have an average monthly income of at least $1,500 after tax.

How Easy Is It To Get Payday Loans?

It would not be a stretch to say that payday loans are the most accessible loans you can get online. They ask for minor requirements, minimal checks, and no collateral or cosigner. The fastest time you can get approval for a payday loan is within 1–2 hours. The quickest you can withdraw is within the same day.

What Do I Need to Apply for Instant Payday Loans Online With Guaranteed Approval?

To guarantee an instant payday loan online, you need to pass an identity and fraud check. Your lender will check this using the following documents that you submit:

  1. Proof of identification as evidence that you are at least 18 years old living in the US. You can choose among the many valid IDs widely accepted in the US.
  2. Proof of residency that can verify where you live as of the moment. Find out which residency documents you can produce to follow this requirement.
  3. Proof of income to affirm that you earn at least $1,500 on average per month. You can submit recent pay stubs, tax returns, or the like.
  4. Proof of account certifies you have an open personal bank or checking account with a US bank. An official bank statement works best for this criteria.
  5. Personal contact information like a phone number and email address where we can reach you if the need arises.

Have the requirements listed above ready for submission before getting started. This way, you can take the time to ensure you have all your documents completed before your lender asks for them.

How Do You Increase Your Chances of Getting a Payday Loan?

Tip #1: Submit Correct Information

Double-check all your information before hitting the button. Incorrect or missing information causes delays in your loan, or worse, disqualification.

Tip #2: Work on Your Credit Score

While we have loans for all credit types, having at least a decent credit score can be beneficial. A good credit score opens more doors for you, such as granting you lower interest rates and looser repayment terms. Take steps to improve your credit score to give yourself better-guaranteed payday loans.

Tip #3: Meet Affordability Checks

Apply for a payday loan that fits your budget. Tempting as it may be to go all out, a loan is still a financial obligation. Take note of your income and expenses to determine how much afford in loan repayments without compromising your financial needs.

Do this because your lender will do the same. They will look at your income and estimate how much debt they think you can handle. If you ask more than they think you can afford on a personal loan, you have fewer chances of getting approval.

Tip #4: Borrow Only What You Need

“Live within your means” became a famous line for a reason. While access to credit is empowering during times of need, it can be tempting to abuse in times of boredom. If you have no actual need for every penny you ask, don’t ask for the amount you’re thinking. Limit your borrowing to the absolute need to lessen your exposure to crippling debt.

If you want to splurge on something you like, consider saving up for it instead.

Advantages of AdvanceSOS Payday Loans

#1 Direct Lenders

Apply for payday loans from a direct lender and skip the middlemen who charge massive service fees and talk to lenders directly.

#2 Same-Day Approval

Get approval on the loan you are in desperate need of in a matter of hours.

#3 High Acceptance Rate

No denial of any credit type or financial situation here at AdvanceSOS. We are among the few who accept anyone for our loans. As we have lenders who accept everyone, we extend the same feature, including you. 

#4 All Online, No Faxing

The days of sending your loan application through a fax machine are over. Everything is online now with AdvanceSOS. We have made borrowing a convenient service available 24/7 no fax or airmail needed.

How To Apply for Instant Payday Loans

To apply for instant payday loans online guaranteed approval loans, all you need is to “Get Started.”

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Can I Borrow?

You can typically borrow $100–$500 with a single instant payday loan. But you can get up to $1,000, depending on which US state you live in. Find out in which states payday loans are offered.

When Will the Payday Loan Be Due?

Your payday loan is due on your next payday. Whether you’re going to get paid by your job, unemployment benefits, or alimony, it’s that day that you’re supposed to pay back your lender. If you forget your due date, you will see this on your copy of the digital loan agreement you signed with your lender.

Do Instant Payday Loans With 100% Guaranteed Approval Really Exist?

AdvanceSOS can take you as close as possible to 100% guaranteed approval as long as you do your part. Do your best by:
1. Following our simple instructions on how to get a loan. The steps may be simple, but they are all critical to getting your approval. Don’t miss a step and ensure you provide all of the correct information. 
2. Meeting all the requirements asked by your lender or us. We may need more documents from you, espescially if you apply for installment loans. Submitting extra requirements on time can always get you close to 100% approval.
3. Keeping your communication lines open at all times. We may need to get in touch with you to discuss your loan. Check your phone and email to stay updated and ensure approval.
4. Being honest with all the information and documents you submit. Honesty is a well-followed policy in borrowing. Lying about your records can automatically disqualify you now and in the future. Always double-check your submissions before clicking ‘Submit.’

Do I Need to Be Employed to Get a Payday Loan? Can I Be Retired?

You do not need to have a job to get a payday loan here at AdvanceSOS. You can be unemployed, retired, or a stay-at-home parent and can still avail our services. To make things clear, employment is not a requirement at AdvanceSOS income is. Have a stable income of at least $1,500 a month, and you qualify to request any of our loans.

Is There a Cost to Apply for the Payday Loan?

No. Our payday loan services are FREE to all our valued customers, including you. There is no fee for applying, accepting, or even refusing a loan from us. So, you can freely inquire about loans with us without worrying about having to pay us a service fee.

Can I Get a Guaranteed Payday Loan With No Credit Check?

Yes, you can get guaranteed approval on a payday loan even without the traditional hard credit checks. Without hard checks, you can keep your loan inquiry off your credit report and prevent it from affecting your credit score.

What Is the Easiest Loan to Get Approved For?

The easiest loans to get approved for are bad credit payday loans. Almost everyone gets approved since they hold a low bar (in terms of credit) for their borrowers. If you’re looking for a bullet-proof option to get a loan, you can bet big on a bad credit payday loan.

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