Payday Loans in Crestview, FL

Payday loans in Crestview, Florida, present a quick and easy way to cover unforeseen expenses. Are you behind schedule with any small payments or in a hurry to cover wedding or vacation costs? We are here to help Crestview residents in area code 850. Knowing that speed is essential, we make it possible to request a loan on any device from any location. What is more, the loan application process is as easy as ABC and excludes any tedious paperwork.

How Can You Apply for a Payday Loan Online in Crestview, FL?

Follow these simple steps to apply for payday loans in Crestview, Florida:

  1. Go to the top right corner of your screen and search for the ‘Get Started’ button.
  2. Once you have located and clicked on the button, the website will take you to a new page. An internet bot will run you through a quick online application form. It consists of around ten questions related to your personal information and finances. Make sure you have your checking account details and Social Security card at hand.
  3. Once we approve your request, you get to choose between some loan options that cater to your situation.
  4. Based on your choice, we connect you with a suitable lender. Once you e-sign the agreement, you’ve finalized the process.
  5. Finally, the lender will follow up with the transaction within one or two business days.

What Will You Need?

This is what you will need to apply for payday loans through our lender network:

  1. Under Florida payday loan laws, you must be at least 18 years of age. You also must be a permanent resident or citizen of the US. Lenders require a government ID for proof of residency and age verification.
  2. A regular income is essential to get approved for advance payday loans. You either must be holding a job position for a minimum of 3 weeks or get paid benefits. You can also identify as self-employed, so long as you make enough profit to cover the loan later. Your monthly earnings should come to about $1,000 after taxes.
  3. We will need your credit score to determine whether you can get a loan. If your credit score is bad, our lending partners offer a loan alternative for that too.
  4. To keep in touch, we will need an email address and a phone number.

How Much Can You Borrow?

It all depends on the amount of money you need and the loan alternative you choose. Moreover, your eligibility and circumstances also affect how much you can borrow. In any case, most Crestview residents that need instant cash opt for a cash advance deposit of the following amounts:

  • 100 dollar loan
  • 200 dollar loan
  • 300 dollar loan
  • 500 dollar loan
  • 1000 dollar loan

When Will You Receive Your Funds?

The funds will be deposited to you within a day or two at most. We gently remind consumers that this rule only applies if the loan request aligns with two consecutive business days. If you happen to apply on a non-working day, the lender will transfer the deposit to you the next business day. So, check your calendar beforehand to avoid any unwanted waiting times.

APR and Fees

The average annual percentage rate (APR)in Florida is about 304%. This figure can go up and down, depending on your borrower profile. For short-term loans, an extra finance charge of 10% for every $100 of the borrowing amount is applied. This can also include a verification fee of $5. Additional fees equal 8% of the outstanding loan balance for installments, with a verification fee of $5. We suggest always paying on time to avoid any delayed payment charges.

Regulations Surrounding Payday Loans In Florida

These rules apply to most cities within the state. They apply for payday loans in Crestview, Florida too.

Small loans have a maximum loan amount of $500, and installment loans have a maximum loan amount of $1,000. The minimum loan term is seven days for a single payment and 60 days for an installment. The maximum loan term is a month for a single payment and three months for an installment.

You can only issue one outstanding loan at a time. Customers are not allowed to request another loan until they pay off the current one. Florida laws impose a cooling-off period of 24 hours between 2 consecutive advances. Rollovers are not allowed.

Loan Alternatives

For ultimate customer satisfaction, our lending partners offer many loan options for your liking. All vary in conditions and size. So, finding a suitable option should not be a problem.

Bad Credit Loans

Our business approves loan requests to borrowers with a score lower than 630 FICO. In this case, applying for a bad credit loan is the ideal solution. The majority of lenders accept this alternative. So, as long as you have money flowing into your account and an overall satisfactory financial history, you are welcome to apply for payday loans online. Keep in mind that an extra charge may be applicable in this case.

Title Loans

If you have a car or any other type of motor vehicle, you can use it as collateral. On the condition that you lack the funds to pay back the lender, we will confiscate it. Your vehicle’s title will determine the loan amount depending on its price. The value should not exceed $25,000. This type of loan presents an excellent option for anyone who wants to take out a more significant amount and not a regular cash advance. Before finalizing the transaction, you will have to provide a spare key to the lender.

Emergency Car Repair Loans

Are you in dire need of instant cash for a quick run to the mechanic? We have got you covered with an emergency loan that uses your car’s title or other valuables as collateral. You can choose between a secured and an unsecured auto loan–if you opt for the latter, we will have to run a credit check to verify your financial history for our own protection.

No Credit Check Loans

Similar to a bad credit loan, we offer the possibility to anyone without an excellent credit score to borrow some quick cash. For this type of lending, a soft score check is done with no harm to your credit history. To prove that you are a good and reliable candidate, we will need data on your regular income and overall financial activities.

Payday Loans for the Unemployed

If you currently hold an unemployed status, we recommend applying for this type of loan. That said, we will need evidence of a monthly income, regardless of the source—it can be social security, retirement, or pension. Being able to pay back the deposited amount automatically makes you a viable candidate. In addition, a good credit score improves your chances of getting approved.

Legit Payday Loans

Our mission is to provide you with the necessary funds to cover anything ranging from utilities to minor expenses such as meals or gas. Our financial service and products are fully compliant with Florida laws and legit–plus, we ensure that our customers applying for payday loans is a piece of cake. Whenever you need a fast cash advance, AdvanceSOS is always here to connect you to legit lending partners.

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