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Payday loans in Cincinnati OH

Fast Payday Loan Lenders near Cincinnati, OH

Borrow money for your urgent cash needs in Ohio by visiting a lender’s office; or applying for an urgent loan online. But, if you need money fast from the best lender in your state, apply online. Check out the best features of applying for loans online here at AdvanceSOS. We also have for you a list of direct lenders near you in Cincinnati, OH.

Quick Online Payday Loans in Cincinnati, OH, USA Faxless

Payday Loans Companies in Cincinnati, OH

Addresses, phone numbers, and reviews of lenders stores working nearby you:

Company Address ZIP code Phone Number Ranting Reviews
Check `n Go 6212A Glenway Ave 45211 (513) 366-0200 4.9 981
Advance America 8320 Colerain Ave 45239 (513) 392-2247 4.9 67
ACE Cash Express 2516 Victory Pkwy 45206 (513) 375-2274 4.5 61
ACE Cash Express 4981 Vine St 45217 (513) 364-0756 4.8 58
CheckSmart 6582 Glenway Ave 45211 (513) 359-9551 2.8 33
Cash Plus 7428 Montgomery Rd 45236 (513) 324-2274 1.9 21
CheckSmart 3834 Montgomery Rd 45212 (513) 373-8200 3.8 18
CheckSmart 658 Main St 45202 (513) 392-4155 4 16
CheckSmart 8398 Reading Rd 45237 (513) 376-6003 3.2 15
CheckSmart 3441 Warsaw Ave 45205 (513) 347-0548 3.3 10
CheckSmart 2003 Galbraith Rd 45239 (513) 393-7300 4.5 8
Urban Bad Credit Loans 1204 Main St 45202 (513) 361-3450 5 6
Quick Cash Loans 3978 E Galbraith Rd 45236 (513) 385-6416 5 5
Elastic 4030 Smith Rd 45209 (888) 822-0080 2 4
CheckSmart 5450 N Bend Rd 45247 (513) 348-3222 2 4
Finova Financial 201 E 5th St 45202 (888) 835-4452 4 2
MVP Payday Loans 288 Ludlow Ave #902 45220 (513) 364-1581 5 1
Cincinnati Short Term Loans W West Enterprises, LLC Virtual Suite 45202 45202 (419) 955-6502 5 1
Check Exchange 6363 Glenway Ave 45211 (513) 359-5222 0 0
CTL Top Auto Financing Cincinnati OH 1728 Iliff Ave 45205 (220) 066-8759 0 0

– companies ratings and reviews are based on their Google Business Profile. Updated October, 2023
– do you want to add, delete or modify your company details? Contact us –

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Do you want to learn more? Check the video about payday loans in Ohio by Nick Wilson experienced loan officer.

Why Should I Apply for a Payday Loan in Cincinnati, Ohio?

An advantage of applying for a payday loan in Cincinnati, Ohio, is that the application process is relatively fast, and you can get your application confirmed in a day or even less.

Also, payday loans in Cincinnati, Ohio, can be done online or in physical offices. In this way, there is something for everyone. If you don’t like the idea of spending so much time in a queue, you can always apply online. If you aren’t comfortable making online applications, you can always apply in a physical office.

Furthermore, the lender doesn’t consider your credit score when deciding if you are qualified for a payday loan in Cincinnati, Ohio. This makes a payday loan easy to access even if you have less than average credit history and can’t get a loan from a traditional financial institution.

What Are the Requirements for Me to Apply for a Payday Loan in Cincinnati, Ohio?

  1. You must be at least eighteen years old. Payday loan applications from people below eighteen years aren’t accepted.
  2. You must have a valid checking account.
  3. You must be a legal resident of the city of Cincinnati, OH. You can use a contact address as proof.
  4. You must provide a valid ID
  5. You must have a valid email address and a phone number.
  6. You must have a stable income that pays over $1000. This is to ensure that you can pay back the loan you took.

Payday Loan Regulations in Cincinnati, Ohio

The loan act passed in 2018 by legislators in Ohio also protects the city of Cincinnati. Government officials instated these laws to prevent customers from being victims of exploitative payday loan policies. These are some of the regulations in Ohio that govern payday loans across the state:

  • The loan act placed a cap rate of 28 percent on all loans. This implies that payday lenders in Cincinnati, Ohio, aren’t allowed to charge an interest rate of 28 percent per annum.
  • The cost of fees and interests paid on loans in Cincinnati, Ohio, must not be above 60 percent of the initial amount borrowed by the customer.
  • Payday loans in Cincinnati, Ohio, have a term of at least 91 days, within which you can pay back debt from a loan. However, the duration of a loan can’t exceed a year.
  • Monthly payments for a loan can’t be more than 60 percent of a customer’s income if the loan lasts for less than 90 days.
  • Payday loans in Cincinnati, Ohio, allow you to return the money borrowed within three days and cancel the loan at zero interest rate.
  • You can’t borrow above $1000 from a lender, and you must have paid all outstanding debts before you can apply for a payday loan.

Do I Need a Guarantor to Apply for a Payday Loan in Cincinnati, Ohio?

A guarantor is a person who supports a borrower when they apply for a loan in a financial establishment. The guarantor signs some documents that make them liable if the borrower doesn’t meet their end of the loan bargain. Payday loans aren’t secured loans, so you don’t need to provide a guarantor or any form of collateral before you are eligible for a payday loan in Cincinnati, Ohio. Short-term loans which require a guarantor are different from payday loans.

Loan Alternatives in Cincinnati, Ohio

Payday loans have a high interest rate that can plunge a customer into deeper debt if not approached with caution. Fortunately, other short-term loans can stand in place of payday loans.

  1. Title Loan: this is an example of a secured loan. It requires the title of an asset (usually a car) as collateral. While the interest rates of title loans are high, they aren’t as high as those of payday loans. Like payday loans in Cincinnati, Ohio, title loans don’t require the borrower’s credit history before approval.
  2. Installment Loan: an installment loan is a type of loan where a borrower is lent a particular amount of money at once. The money borrowed is to be paid back in installments over a stipulated period. An installment loan could be fixed-rate or variable-rate.In a fixed-rate installment loan, the amount to be paid back doesn’t change with time. In a variable-rate installment, the amount to be paid back changes with time due to interest rates. Installment loans are predictable because there is a set date when you would have paid all your loans if you follow the plan meticulously.
  3. Personal Loan: a personal loan is a type of installment loan. You secure these with collateral, or they can be unsecured. If you don’t comply with the stipulated payment plan for a secured personal loan, the lender can confiscate your collateral to service your debt. You don’t need to provide collateral in an unsecured personal loan, but lenders will check your credit history. Also, because of the risk borne by the lender in unsecured loans, they usually have a higher interest rate than secured loans.
  4. Small Dollar Loans: 100 dollar loan, 200 dollar loan300 dollar loan, 500 dollar loan.

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