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Payday loans in Hamilton OH

Fast Payday Loan Lenders near Hamilton, OH

Borrow money for your urgent cash needs in Ohio by visiting a lender’s office; or applying for an urgent loan online. But, if you need money fast from the best lender in your state, apply online. Check out the best features of applying for loans online here at AdvanceSOS. We also have for you a list of direct lenders near you in Hamilton, OH.

Quick Online Payday Loans in Hamilton, OH, USA Faxless

Payday Loans Companies in Hamilton, OH

Addresses, phone numbers, and reviews of lenders stores working nearby you:

Company Address ZIP code Phone Number Ranting Reviews
Eagle Loan 760 NW Washington Blvd 45013 (513) 327-9040 5 124
Cashland 6526 Dixie Hwy 45014 (513) 345-2400 3.3 29
Cashland 960 Main St 45013 (513) 386-7900 3 27
Gils Loans 1975 South Erie Highway 45011 (513) 386-0603 3.2 21
OneMain Financial Hamilton Crossings Shopping Center, 1720 S Erie Hwy Suite C 45011 (513) 386-6494 4.3 17
CheckSmart 6580 Dixie Hwy 45014 (513) 394-9977 2.5 10
CheckSmart 10990 Hamilton Ave 45231 (513) 385-3100 3 7
CheckSmart 800 Stahlheber Rd 45013 (513) 389-2100 2.7 6
Montana Capital Car Title Loans 840 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 45011 (513) 395-4199 5 6
CheckSmart 129 E Kemper Rd 45246 (513) 377-4520 3 6
CheckSmart 3040 Dixie Hwy 45015 (513) 386-2400 2.4 5
Coastal Finance Inc 790 S Erie Blvd 45011 (513) 386-0300 2.3 3
Quick Cash Loans 3373 Princeton Rd Ste 106 45011 (513) 384-9030 5 3
Cash Zone 10018 International Blvd 45246 (513) 377-0111 3 1
Harrison Building & Loan Association 1380 Millville Ave 45013 (513) 386-4102 5 1
Trust Payday Loans 100 Berkeley Dr 45013 (513) 349-2483 0 0
Lendmark Financial Services LLC 1031 High St 45011 (513) 352-5655 0 0
Cash Plus 139 E Kemper Rd 45246 (513) 367-7587 0 0

– companies ratings and reviews are based on their Google Business Profile. Updated October, 2023
– do you want to add, delete or modify your company details? Contact us –

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Do you want to learn more? Check the video about payday loans in Ohio by Nick Wilson experienced loan officer.

What Do I Need to Apply?

When applying for a payday loan in Hamilton, Ohio, not much is required. There are only a few simple requirements to fulfill to verify if you qualify for the loan. The essential requirements include:

  • Be not less than 18 years.
  • Must be a US citizen and a resident of Hamilton, Ohio
  • Can give your phone number, home, and email address
  • Possess an active checking and saving account
  • Proof of a steady income source and valid ID

After acquiring these details, the lender can determine if you’re eligible for the payday loan and exactly how much you qualify for.

How Much Can I Borrow?

What is the maximum amount of payday loan one can receive? This is perhaps one of the first questions anyone in this situation grapples with.

Every state in the US has the maximum limit of the payday loan that an applicant can get at one go. With payday loans in Hamilton, Ohio, the maximum limit is $1,000.considerable

In essence, you cannot acquire more than that amount for a single loan even if you have a considerable income or excellent score. Luckily, you can seek additional payday loans from different lenders.

How Fast Do You Get the Money?

Payday loans are instant types of debt and primarily provide cash in 24 hours. This means you can access the loan as fast as the same day or the next business day.

But, this also depends on how quickly you provide the relevant documents and how quickly you sign the contract with your lender. If you take longer, the longer it will take for you to access the cash.

APR and Fees for Payday Loans in Hamilton, Ohio

APR and fees for payday loans differ with states. Some states charge APR as high as 400% annually. But in Ohio, this has been regulated.

According to the recent Ohio State regulations, lenders cannot charge you more than 28% a year. This offers protection from predatory payday lenders that are out to exploit borrowers.

A payday loan in Hamilton, Ohio, also attracts a finance charge of 28%. Both APR and finance charges must fall below 60% of the entire principal loan amount. A payday loan in Hamilton, Ohio, is thus one of the best types of debt.

Regulations Surrounding Payday Loans in Hamilton, Ohio

The regulations to govern payday loan operations that every state across the US has set differ. Ohio is one of the states that have created a good loan environment. Both the lenders and the borrowers are under rules that control the lending activities here.

Some of the Hamilton, Ohio recent regulations include:

  • A borrower can only get a maximum of $1,000 from a single lender of a payday loan.
  • There is a set maximum term limit of one year for all payday loans
  • The payday loan has a minimum term of 91 days
  • The number of rollovers is zero
  • One cannot borrow over $2500 at one go
  • The lender and lending partner must explicitly disclose the loan agreement
  • A 90 days cooling period applies in each case.

Payday Loan Alternatives in Hamilton

A payday loan is an excellent quick cash option that best suits many people. However, if you don’t qualify for a payday loan, feel they are too costly or won’t help fix your financial need, and there are plenty of other options you may consider.

Some of the best payday loan alternatives in Hamilton, Ohio, include title loans, installment loans, personal loans, and more. Most of these options offer more considerable loan limits and offer a more extended repayment period than payday loans.

It’s prudent to dig out more information to get the best fit for you.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are for people with poor credit ratings or no history of credit. With bad credit loans, you only need to prove your ability to repay a loan, and you’ll get sorted. Lenders, in this case, don’t bother looking at your credit score to get approved for a loan.

To get loan approval, all you need is to prove that you have a steady income stream. However, with this type of loan, you’ll incur more loan expenses than traditional loans as their interest rates are higher.

What are Title Loans?

Title loans are another excellent payday loan alternative. Lenders offer this type of loan for borrowers who can provide their car title as collateral.

The borrower gives the lender their car title until the borrower fully repays the loan plus the loan’s interest. With title loans though still one of the small loans, the borrower can get more money than cash advance loans.

In some cases, a resident of Hamilton, Ohio, can get up to $50,000 in auto loan. However, in the event you fail to repay the loan, you risk losing your car.

How to Get Legit Advance Payday Loans in Hamilton, Ohio

In the online space, many lenders offer instant cash. However, differentiating between legit ones and scammers can sometimes prove difficult.

It’s crucial, therefore, that you carry out in-depth research on any potential lender before you do any business with them. You can even check out their customer reviews to see how other consumers rate them.

Since most people struggle with the search for legit lenders and lending partners, we have come out to offer a solution for this. At, we have already done the homework for you.

We recommend legit lenders and lending partners that you can trust. All you need is to have the proper documents and ability to repay the loan.

However, we advise you to take time to read through the loan agreement you receive from your potential lender before you append a signature. Understand all their terms and conditions and if good for you, then go ahead and sign. But if they are not good enough, you have a right to decline.


Seeking a loan is an excellent way to fix your emergency needs. Payday loans in Hamilton, Ohio, can come in handy for residents. However, be sure to check the reliability of your potential lender lest you fall into the hands of predatory lenders or scammers. With our services, you can considerably reduce your likelihood of falling into the wrong hands.

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