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Payday loans in Mansfield OH

Fast Payday Loan Lenders near Mansfield, OH

Borrow money for your urgent cash needs in Ohio by visiting a lender’s office; or applying for an urgent loan online. But, if you need money fast from the best lender in your state, apply online. Check out the best features of applying for loans online here at AdvanceSOS. We also have for you a list of direct lenders near you in Mansfield, OH.

Quick Online Payday Loans in Mansfield, OH, USA Faxless

Payday Loans Companies in Mansfield, OH

Addresses, phone numbers, and reviews of lenders stores working nearby you:

Company Address ZIP code Phone Number Ranting Reviews
Check `n Go 991 Ashland Rd 44905 (419) 958-2444 5 501
Advance America 1406-B Lexington Ave 44907 (419) 974-7771 5 218
Cashland 871 Ashland Rd 44905 (419) 958-0230 3.6 29
Montana Capital Car Title Loans 352 E 4th St 44902 (419) 955-6003 4.7 12
CheckSmart 801 Lexington-Springmill Rd N 44906 (419) 952-1315 2.6 11
Trust Payday Loans 17 E 4th St #42 44902 (567) 722-2825 5 3
Federal Cash Express 355 Park Ave W 44906 (419) 952-2274 5 1
Payday Cash Centers 1058 Park Ave W 44906 (419) 952-0091 0 0
Payday Loans Mansfield 108 N Main St 44902 (716) 641-5221 0 0
Checkmart Mansfield 44906 (419) 974-4386 0 0

– companies ratings and reviews are based on their Google Business Profile. Updated October, 2023
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Do you want to learn more? Check the video about payday loans in Ohio by Nick Wilson experienced loan officer.

What Do I Need to Get Payday Loans?

To qualify for a payday loan in Mansfield, Ohio, you need to ensure that you meet a few requirements. They include:

  • Be a Mansfield, Ohio resident
  • Be not less than 18 years
  • Have a constant source of income
  • Prove the ability to repay the loan
  • Possess a bank checking or savings account
How Much Can You Borrow?

The amount that you can receive for a payday loan in Mansfield, Ohio, ranges between $100 to $ 1000. Lenders base the amount they give you give on your salary, with the intended purpose that you repay the balance from your next paycheck, typically in 14 days.

Lenders do not perform a credit check, but they must verify income and employment and a valid ID to determine eligibility.

How Fast Do You Get the Money?

The online application takes 60 seconds, and approval depends on the lender after reviewing your application form. It can take as little as one to two minutes to get approved. And they will deposit the money in your account the same day or one business day.

All you need is to state the amount you need in the application form clearly. A single lender can only give a maximum of $1000 according to Ohio state regulations. Though you can also apply from four different lenders, you cannot borrow over $2500 in total at a go.

APR and Fees for Payday Loans in Mansfield, Ohio

Though convenient, payday loans are one of the most expensive types of loans. Borrowers incur high charges in terms of APR and fees. In some states, the APR charge can go even up to 400% annually.

Luckily in Ohio, the state has set regulations to govern these rates. The lending practices are under the control of the ‘Consumer Protection Financial Bureau’ which helps regulate the fees and ensure that borrowers’ rights are protected.

In Ohio, a payday loan attracts an APR charge is 28% a year. And, both the finance charge and APR must not go above 60% of the entire principal loan amount.

Regulations That Surround Payday Loans in Mansfield, Ohio

Different states in America have set specific regulations to govern payday loans. In Ohio, you can be sure that illegal or predatory lenders won’t exploit you. The state has put in place regulations to control the lending environment in Ohio.

They include:

  • Finance charge and APR or interest rates should be 28%
  • $1000 is the maximum loan amount that a borrower can get from one lender
  • A borrower cannot get over $2500 from all lenders
  • The minimum loan term is 91 days
  • The maximum loan term is one year
  • No rollovers allowed
  • A 90-day cooling-off period
  • No outstanding loans allowed
  • The lender must disclose their loan terms and conditions to borrowers beforehand.

Payday Loan Alternatives in Mansfield, Ohio

Payday loans are the favorite types of debt for most borrowers because no paper checks required and it’s easy to access. However, some borrowers may need more money than what the payday loan offers them. Alternatively, a borrower may shy away from payday loans because they are too pricey.

Fortunately, there are several alternatives that you may consider if in that situation. These alternatives may offer a higher loan limit and even an extended period of repayment than payday loans. Some of the best payday loan alternatives include installment loans (of up to $35 000) or Title loans (of up to $50,000). You may find out the best option that best suits you. You can search for more information from this website.

Bad Credit Loans

A good thing about payday loans is that you don’t need to worry about the state of your credit report. This type of loan offers you quick cash without checking your credit score. Therefore, it’s most suitable for people with poor ratings and even those without credit.

As long as you can provide evidence of employment or a steady income source, you will most likely get approved for the loan.

What are Title Loans?

Title loans are loans that lenders offer and take your car as collateral. The car acts as a protection against default.

Auto loans limit depends on the value of your motor vehicle. The lender keeps the car title for the whole period the borrower still owes them the money. After full repayment, the lender returns it to the borrower.

If the borrower cannot complete his loan repayments, including the interest or misses payments, the lender repossesses the motor vehicle. The lender has a right to sell the car to recover the money.

Finding Legit Lenders of Payday Loans in Mansfield, Ohio

Searching for legit lenders and lending partners is one of the most challenging parts for most borrowers. But that should not bother you as AdvanceSOS are here to do that for you.

When you apply through our website, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. We partner with lenders that have a good reputation.

It’s prudent, however, to read and understand the fine print of the loan agreement before you sign it. This way, you’ll be fully aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Remember, you have a right to accept or decline to get into any contract depending on your own judgment.


Applying for a payday loan in Mansfield, Ohio, is quick and convenient as long as you have all that the lender requires. If you’ve run out of cash, don’t struggle with that urgent cash expense when you can get it fixed quickly. Just fill out a form on this website, and you’ll be good to go.

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