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Get an early payday today if you have a cash emergency. Apply online for same-day payday loans in Texas with AdvanceSOS. You can receive a cash advance between $100-$5,000, free of charge, and with flexible loan terms up to your lender. All ready and set to grant yourself with an early payday? Click ‘Get Started’ and get an instant decision on your payday loan today!

Best Features and Advantages of AdvanceSOS

Can Help You Find the Best Rates

Get the top loan deals at the palm of your hands in one device with AdvanceSOS. We can find the top loan deal perfect for your needs with intelligent technology to filter offers based on your requirements. You can receive cash advances between $100-$5,000 for the lowest rates possible.

Can Help You 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

If you have ever tried borrowing anywhere else before, you may know how dragging it can be. Store hours, weekends, and holidays can sometimes limit you. If you need money fast, any time you spend waiting can be devastating. But with AdvanceSOS, time is not a problem. We can help you any day of the week and any time of the day. Our doors are open to you, complete with customer service 24/7. This way, we can process your loan right away, and you can get the cash you need in an instant.

Works Only With Trusted Lenders

Protect yourself and your privacy from scammers and loan sharks here at AdvanceSOS. We have screened and checked all of the lenders we connect you with to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy.

Works Fast With Guaranteed Top Results

We will never let you settle for less. So, we work hard 24/7 to find you the best payday lender we have in our network who can give you the top loan offer. We process all your requests at high speed, never making you wait, unlike traditional banks. Get instant decisions for all loan types as long as you follow our loan requirements.

Approve All Types of Credit Histories

Here at AdvanceSOS, all credit types are welcome. We approve payday loans in Texas of all kinds. We even have loans for our customers with bad credit. So, whoever you are and wherever you are in life, the future is bright for you here at AdvanceSOS.

Where Can I Get a Payday Loan in Texas?

If you are from Texas, there are many ways for you to get a loan. For example, if you follow the old-fashioned style, you can search for payday loan companies in Texas yourself. There are credit unions and money lenders in almost every block of Texas, so it should not be a problem for you to find one. But if you’re looking for the best place in Texas to find the best rates for all loan types, AdvanceSOS can help. With high-tech apps and strong partnerships with fintech companies, we are a provider of high-quality online loans.

Here at AdvanceSOS, find all the top lenders in one place. Have access to all top-tier lenders near Austin, Texas, who offer the best loan agreement terms that fit your needs. Also, get an endless choice of loan types to avail; have the freedom to choose payday or installment loans, with NO SERVICE CHARGE.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Payday Loan in Texas?

To qualify for a payday loan in the state of Texas, you need to be at least 18 years old and a citizen of Texas with a stable source of income.

For the documents and other information you need, prepare the following;

  1. A proof of your identity, such as a US Government-issued ID.
  2. A proof of your address, such as a real estate tax receipt or a utility bill under your name.
  3. A proof of your income, such as a pay stub or a social benefits check.
  4. A proof of your banking, such as a bank statement or a certificate of deposit signed by your bank.
  5. Your contact details, such as your phone number and email address.

For faster processing of your application, prepare yourself and documents before applying. To make sure you are ready for a payday loan today, find out what you need to consider before applying for a payday loan.

How Do I Apply for a Payday Loan in Texas?

Once you already have your loan requirements ready, you’re prepared to apply for an AdvanceSOS loan. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the loan amount you need to borrow.
  2. Select the due date you will repay your lender.
  3. Enter your basic personal details.
  4. Submit your loan request for approval.

After sending your online request, you will receive a notification within a few hours. If you apply early, you may even get instant approval within 1 hour or less.

To learn more about payday loans in Texas, watch this video:

How Fast Can I Get a Texas Payday Loan?

In dire situations, it is ideal that we deliver the funds for your financial needs fast. To quicken the process, follow our online form steps and make sure we can reach you by phone or email for more information.

Payday loans in Texas with AdvanceSOS can take as fast as same-day withdrawal. We designed our fast cash loans and even our installments loans to be quick. We make sure that all our loans can be short and convenient to tend to your cash needs on the next business day, at most.

Within 1 hour, get an instant decision and review your top loan offer from one of our partners. Then, after signing a contract, have your money in your bank account ready for withdrawal the same day.

What Are the Repayment Methods for Texas Payday Loans?

Repaying your loan is now made easier with AdvanceSOS. Instead of going out to the store yourself, you can pay for your loan through auto-debit. Your lender will receive payment through your bank account on the due date that you set with your bank.

You can choose to repay your loan all at once on a single due date. This is the most convenient option for small-dollar loans like payday loans.

You can also choose to divide your payments across months as well. This is an excellent option for more significant loan amounts, like with an installment loan.

Can I Get a Payday Loan With Bad Credit in Texas?

Yes, you can. Since your credit history does not define your chances with AdvanceSOS, poor credit is not the end. Unlike traditional loan institutions such as banks or credit unions, a bad credit score does not disqualify you.

With our vast lending pool, we find all sorts of loans for all credit types and various uses for our clients. We also have advanced systems that increase your chances of instant approval by matching you to a high-potential lender. Even with a bad credit score, we will help you find ways to still access credit. We can take advantage of your current source of income and use that to secure a payday loan in Texas with bad credit.

Kindly send us your application, and we’ll try our best to find you a loan you deserve for the best price point possible.

Can I Get a Loan in Texas With No Credit Check?

You may be used to being credit checked every time you try to inquire or apply for a loan. You may also be familiar with how checks show up in your credit history even if you do not avail the loan. These are called hard credit checks, and they can hurt your credit history and credit score.

But here at AdvanceSOS, you do not need hard credit checks for your loan application. If you already have history borrowing with us, we no longer need to check you at all. But even if you are new to borrowing from us, we only do soft credit checks. Soft credit checks do not affect your credit score, so they should not worry you.

Looking for Direct Payday Loan Lenders Near You?
AdvanceSOS Can Help You Find Companies’ Locations.

1. Is AdvanceSOS a Lender?

No, we are not a direct lender. We are a broker that offers premium connection services to top-tier loan companies in Texas. We are more of a bridge between payday stores and borrowers. Our mission is to make sure both lenders and borrowers are safe in all lending transactions.

2. Why Is It Important To Choose a Licensed Lender in Texas?

Borrowing from unlicensed lenders is dangerous. Unlicensed means that they are not registered and regulated by any finance agency. They can charge unreasonable rates and high fees. They may also steal your identity with the documents you submit to them to commit fraud.

To steer clear of dangerous lenders, you can read reviews or get referrals for good measure, but this measure can take time and can be a hassle. To save time, we at AdvanceSOS can assist you in filtering good lenders from the bad.

3. What Happens if I Cannot Repay My Loan?

If you cannot repay your loan, you are answerable to your lender. Here at AdvanceSOS, we do not report to any credit bureau, so we bring no harm to your credit.

Nonetheless, the case is different if your lender chooses to use debt collectors. A debt collection agency can report you to pressure you to settle your loan as soon as possible. They can also file a lawsuit against you and bring you to court, usually as a last resort.

4. How Much Can I Borrow With a Texas Payday Loan?

You can borrow anywhere around $100 to $5,000 through our payday loans here at AdvanceSOS. You can choose how much you wish to borrow right at the beginning of the application process. We will then scan our database for the lender who offers the best rate based on your request.

5. Does AdvanceSOS Charge Any Fees for Applying?

No, all our premium connection services are free of charge to all our valued customers. All rates and fees written in your loan contract are for your lender only, so you can easily inquire and apply for an AdvanceSOS loan. Once you get an offer, you have the freedom to accept or reject it as you wish, free of consequences.

6. How Long Can I Borrow the Payday Loan For?

As a short-term loan, you can usually borrow a payday loan for one to four weeks, but the set-up can be more flexible. For a longer-term loan like an installment loan, the holding period can be longer. Some lenders may even allow you to borrow for as long as 60 months with an allowance for an extension if need be.

7. What if I Change My Mind and Decide To Cancel My Payday Loan in Texas?

While we try to find the perfect deal that meets your requirements, we may fall short. If you do not want your offer, you can choose not to proceed with your application.

As long as you have not signed a contract yet, there is no hassle. But if you have already signed an agreement, contact your lender on how you can cancel your application.

8. What Are Some Alternatives to Payday Loans?

You can apply for a title loan or an auto title loan. We also have credit card cash advances, bad credit loans, quick money loans, no-credit loans, and many other payday loan alternatives you can explore.

With title loans, for instance, if you have a house or car, you can use it as collateral for a more significant sum of money. Once you repay your lender, you also get your title back.

There are also payday apps that offer ultimate fast cash loans if you need money faster, but you can only apply for small loan amounts from payday apps.

9. Do You Offer Installment Loans at AdvanceSOS?

Yes, we offer installment loans here at AdvanceSOS. Request the amount you want to borrow plus your zip code to get started. Depending on your lender, you can get installment loans above $5,000, which you pay for 12-60 months.

10. What Are the Typical Rates and Terms of Payday Loans in Texas in AdvanceSOS?

The terms may vary depending on the lender, but we have typical rates you can base on for the best payday loans. For most payday loans in Texas, the rule of thumb is that you will have to pay around $10 to $30 for every $100 you borrow. As for the Annual Percentage Rate, borrowing $100 for a $15 fee means a 400% APR.

Looking for More Answers From AdvanceSOS?

If you are interested to know more about us and our services, you may find the answers to your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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