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Time off work with no money? Something particular you want to do? Between paydays and need a present for that someone special? Get past these stumbling blocks with a Payday Loan Why not? How is it done? It’s really easy!

An online application is waiting for you to fill it out with some standard information. A Creditor will get back to you, usually within a couple of hours.

Meet these essential conditions:

  • 18 or older and have Identification: A valid Driver’s License, State ID Card, Military ID, Passport, or Passport Card.
  • An active bank account that has existed for at least three months
  • Be employed for the past three months, or that you have a steady income of some sort.
  • Earn a minimum of $1000 per month.
  • Have a working phone number and a valid residential address.

Lenders will possibly look at your credit report by doing a ‘Soft Pull’ on it. Don’t be too concerned; this won’t affect your credit score. They’re primarily concerned about your ability to pay. If you apply before mid-day, you’ll get your approval that same day likely. In many cases, you’ll get the cash too. And if you apply after mid-day or during off-hours, then it will likely be the next day. The money will be deposited in your bank account reasonably quickly unless other agreements have been made, which might be possible in some situations. There are different types of loans available, one that fits everybody.

Payday Loans

Get the cash you need today, and the money is due on the very next scheduled payday. The lender might have you either require a post-dated check or have some other access to the funds that are due. Unemployment and disability payments are treated the same as paychecks. Just be careful, sometimes government checks are late, and you might end up paying a late fee because of it.

  • $100 Payday Loans
  • $200 Payday Loans
  • $300 Payday Loans
  • $400 Payday Loans
  • $500 Payday Loans
  • $1000 Payday Loans

Personal Loans

The money is repaid according to the terms of the agreement. You can have a custom-made agreement. Suppose you anticipate getting a small amount one time and a more considerable sum the following month. You can have different payments to fit the payment you’ll receive if the lender agrees.

Installment loans

This is the standard format that we’re all familiar with. The money is repaid in equal payments over a period of time. Typically, payday lenders who also do installment loans offer loan terms that can range from a couple of months to no more than a year. Even longer terms are possible in some cases, though.

Title Loans

Do you have the title to your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat? You can put them up as collateral for a loan. Often these sorts of loans have lower interest rates because you’ve secured the money by collateral. Don’t expect to get a loan for the total bluebook value of your car, though. The lender wants the money back, not the vehicle. For example, if your vehicle has a bluebook value of, say, $4000, you’re not likely to get that amount for the loan.

No Credit Check Loan

There are times and situations when a credit check isn’t needed or is undesirable for whatever reason. The three big credit companies aren’t involved. Only a Soft-Pull is done in some cases, but it’s not a requirement. The lender is more concerned with your likelihood of paying back the money than with your previous credit history.

Flex Loans

This is an open-ended pre-approved credit line up to a certain amount. No Collateral; take as much as you want (up to the limit) when you want 24/7. The payments work somewhat as a credit card would. Pay the loan off at the beginning of the following month, or roll the balance over to the next month; it’s your choice.

One-hour Payday Loans

These are for time-critical situations! Normally, lenders will offer this type of loan if you have had previous history with the lender and your information hasn’t changed. If you still have the same job, bank account, home address, etc., there’s no reason to verify the information again. Lenders can also expedite the approval and funds!

2nd Chance Loans

If you have had difficulties in the past with subprime lending and need a 2nd chance, these loans could help. If you’ve been late on a payment or perhaps missed a payment before, don’t worry! As long as you haven’t completely defaulted on a loan, chances are the lender will give you another chance.

Legitimate Payday Loans

Unscrupulous people are everywhere; the people to deal with are us. Our Lenders work within the established law to keep you safe and protect your rights.

They do a “soft pull” of your credit only if needed- your credit score isn’t affected. It gives them an idea of how well you deal with credit and what amount of money you can handle. Lenders explain their terms and conditions completely, clearly, and transparently and don’t try to trick you with small-print containing hidden tricks. Texas law requires full disclosure. Your ability to repay the loan is assured by checking that you have an income from employment or other sources. They won’t ask you for payment upfront before showing you the best online payday loans. None of the direct lenders we work with does this, nor do we charge our service fee.

APR and Fee charges zero fees for using our services. Our network members pay us a fee for connecting them to you, but you pay nothing.

Complete our easy-to-use form, and we will connect you to our network of trustworthy lenders for free. The lenders will set the APR and the fee.

Our Network of Payday Lenders all follows the regulations by the State of Texas.

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