Payday Loans in Edinburg, TX

Need a Payday Loan? Do you usually go out to the nearest payday loan office to get one?

Lenders can help online if you want a payday loan!

No bother, no time, no travel expenses!

Time off work but are you broke? Do you have something you want to do? Need a gift for that special someone, but it’s between paydays? These kinds of problems are over! Get a Payday Loan; Why not? How to do it? It’s simple and straightforward!

An online application is waiting for you to fill out with some elementary information. A Creditor will get back to you, usually within a couple of hours.

You meet these simple things:

  • 18 or older and have Identification: A valid Driver’s License, State ID Card, Military ID, Passport, or Passport Card.
  • Posses an active bank account that has existed for at least three months.
  • Be employed for the past three months, or that you have a steady income of some sort.
  • Earn a minimum of $1000 per month.
  • Have a working phone number and a valid residential address.

Our Lenders might look at your credit report by doing a ‘Soft Pull’ on it. Don’t be concerned; this does not affect your credit score. They’re mainly concerned about your ability to pay.

Let’s say you apply before mid-day; you’ll probably get your approval that same day. In many cases, you’ll get the funds too.

When you’ve applied after mid-day or off-hours, then it will likely be the next day. Our providers will quickly deposit the money in your bank account unless other agreements have been made, which might be possible in some situations.

There are different types of loans available, one that suits everybody.

Payday Loans

The money is due on the very next scheduled payday. Lenders can treat unemployment and disability payments like paychecks. After a short discussion with you to find out exactly how much you need and when you can pay, you’ll get the funds shortly thereafter. Normally, the lender will want a post-dated check or some other similar electronic method to debit your account on the agreed-upon day.

  • $100 Payday Loans
  • $200 Payday Loans
  • $300 Payday Loans
  • $400 Payday Loans
  • $500 Payday Loans
  • $1000 Payday Loans

Personal Loans

You will repay the money according to the terms of the agreement. The terms of the loan can be flexible and variable. Usually, there will be two or more payments in the amounts specified between you and the lender and the dates you decide on.

Installment loans

The loan provider creates a payment plan that you need to pay back over a period of time. This is essentially a standard loan that everyone is familiar with, having set dates and amounts for repayment. Personal loans can be anywhere from 1 to 5 years, but in this case, it’s usually limited to 1 year or less.

Title Loans

Do you own the title to your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat? You can use it as collateral for a loan. Often these sorts of loans have lower interest rates because you’ve secured the money by collateral. Of course, if you don’t repay the loan, you’ll forfeit your property. This would be a bad outcome because all the lender wants is for you to return the money as per your agreement.

No Credit Check Loan

The three big credit companies aren’t involved since lenders do a Soft-Pull. They may do this sometimes, but it’s not a requirement. There might be various reasons to ask for a no credit check loan. All the lender is interested in is that you repay the loan based on your mutual agreement.

Flex Loans

Think of it much the same way you would a credit card, but without the piece of plastic. It is an open-ended pre-approved credit line up to a certain amount. No Collateral; take as much as you want (up to the limit) when you want, 24/7! You can repay all of it each month or roll the balance over.

One-hour Payday Loans

For time-critical situations. Occasionally time is of the essence. If you’ve already established a history with one of our lenders, then things can get done swiftly. There’s no need to recheck your details, provided that nothing has changed.

2nd Chance LoansWhen you have had difficulties in the past with subprime lending and need a 2nd chance. Perhaps you have had a couple of late payments. These can be forgiven so long as it hasn’t been defaulting on a lender that was the problem. All the lender cares about is that you repay the loan and stick to the current agreement’s terms.

Legit Payday Loans

Loan sharks and other sketchy people are terrible and untrustworthy people to deal with. Fortunately, there’s a sanctuary in the middle of all the shady characters. Our Lenders work well within the established law. The “soft pull” your credit – your credit score isn’t affected. It gives some idea of how well you deal with credit and what amount of money you can be trusted with.
Service providers clearly and transparently explain their terms and conditions and don’t try to fool you with terms hidden in the small print. Texas law requires full disclosure. They assure your ability to repay the loan by checking that you have an income from a job or other source. They will never ask you for an upfront payment before showing you the best online payday loans. None of the direct lenders we work with does this, nor do we charge our service fee.

APR and Fee

AdvanceSOS.com charges no fee for using our services. Our network members pay us a fee for connecting them to you, but you pay nothing.

Fill out our easy-to-use form, and we will introduce you to our network of trustworthy lenders for free. The lenders will set the APR and the fee.

Our Network of Payday Lenders all follows the regulations by the State of Texas.

Cash Advance and Payday Loan Companies Near You (Lenders Locations)

Company name Address Zip code Phone number
Cash Store 4120 S Mccoll Rd, Ste 4 78539 (956) 630-4693
First Cash Pawn 820 W University Dr 78539 (956) 318-0298
ALL Cash Express 515 E University Dr 78539 (956) 381-6665
Advance America 1624 W. University Dr. 78539 (956) 287-9210
Z Cash 1629 W University Dr 78539 (956) 289-1900
Texas Car Title & Payday Loan 1015 E University Dr 78539 (956) 381-5579
Check ‘N Go Store #6805 305 S Sugar Rd 78539 (956) 289-1922
Check ‘N Go 2110 W University Dr 78539 (956) 289-1922
ALL Cash Express 227 E Trenton Rd 78539 (956) 381-0400
First Cash Pawn 2422 E University Dr 78542 (956) 382-0830
Sun Loan Co 1206 W Monte Cristo Rd, Ste B 78541 (956) 720-4324
TitleMax Title Loans 1116 E University Dr 78539 (956) 316-4336
Cash America Pawn 902 E University Dr 78539 (956) 380-0394
Sun Loan Co 2801 W University Dr, Ste 8 78539 (956) 381-5018
Approved Money Center 1708 W University Dr, Ste B 78539 (956) 380-1400
Sun Loan Co 523 E University Dr 78539 (956) 287-3376
Approved Money Ctr 2105 W Trenton Rd 78539 (956) 683-9151
Cash America 4422 S Raul Longoria Rd 78542 (956) 283-1847
First Cash Pawn 3501 University 78541 (956) 318-0899
ALL Cash Express 515 E University Dr 78539 (956) 378-6517
Walmart Money Center 4101 S Mccoll Rd 78539 (956) 618-1398
Onemain Financial 306 S Jackson Rd, Ste AB 78539 (956) 380-1417
Atlas Credit Co Inc 603 E University Dr 78539 (956) 316-1554
Noble Finance 106 S 12th Ave, Ste 100 78539 (956) 380-1401
Oportun 3621 N Closner Blvd 78541 (855) 444-7002
Oportun 1653 W University Dr 78539 (855) 444-7002
Action Credit 513 E University Dr 78539 (956) 381-0860
Covington Credit 2703 W University Dr 78539 (956) 287-7700
Oportun 1653 W University Dr 78539 (956) 279-2611
Lone Star National Bank 117 S 10th Ave 78539 (956) 386-0134
First National Bank Texas 2812 S Expressway 281 78542 (956) 292-0706
IBC Bank 2205 W University Dr 78539 (956) 316-3581
Western Finance Service 1103 E University Dr, Ste A 78539 (956) 316-0300
Hibernia National Bank 300 S Closner Blvd 78539 (956) 316-3514
Texas Regional Bank 4925 S Mccoll Rd 78539 (956) 682-2265
Approved Money Center 1708 W University Dr 78539 (956) 380-1400

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