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Payday loans in El Paso TX

Fast Payday Loan Lenders near El Paso, TX

Borrow money for your urgent cash needs in Texas by visiting a lender’s office; or applying for an urgent loan online. But, if you need money fast from the best lender in your state, apply online. Check out the best features of applying for loans online here at AdvanceSOS. We also have for you a list of direct lenders near you in El Paso, TX.

Quick Online Payday Loans in El Paso, TX, USA Faxless


Payday Loans Companies in El Paso, TX

Addresses, phone numbers, and reviews of lenders stores working nearby you:

Company Address ZIP code Phone Number Ranting Reviews
Advance America 8900 Viscount Blvd Ste AO 79925 (915) 559-7726 5 350
Check `n Go 6520 N Mesa St 79912 (915) 584-6678 4.9 282
Check `n Go 1491 Lee Trevino Dr Ste F 79936 (915) 559-5677 4.9 152
Advance America 1320 N Zaragoza Rd Ste. 121 79936 (915) 585-5712 4.9 148
Check `n Go 9040 Dyer St Suite 103 79904 (915) 575-7511 5 145
Advance America 9008 Dyer St F 79904 (915) 575-1866 5 125
Power Finance Texas 1900 George Dieter Dr 79936 (915) 585-4444 4.8 100
Advance America 12210 Montwood Dr #112 79928 (915) 585-7895 4.9 100
Cash Store 5620 Dyer St 79904 (915) 556-1801 4.7 64
ACE Cash Express 12135 Montwood Dr Ste 103 79936 (915) 585-9973 4.1 59
Cash Store 10705 Gateway Blvd W Ste 103 79935 (915) 559-9890 4.9 53
Cash Store 7447 N Mesa St 79912 (915) 558-1501 4.4 40
Cash Store 3010 Saul Kleinfeld Dr D 79936 (915) 585-7733 4.4 21
Cash Store 1830 N Zaragoza Rd #104 79936 (915) 585-9900 4.4 19
LendNation 1475 George Dieter Dr Ste F 79936 (915) 563-1341 2.1 7
LendNation 6529 N Mesa St 79912 (915) 530-4063 2.3 4
Chelmont Finance Co 4911 Montana Ave 79903 (915) 556-2662 3.7 3
Loan Express 5430 El Paso Dr Suite B 79905 (915) 554-2926 3.7 3
EZMONEY Loan Services 1722 N Zaragoza Rd 79936 (915) 585-8678 0 0

– companies ratings and reviews are based on their Google Business Profile. Updated October, 2023
– do you want to add, delete or modify your company details? Contact us –

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Do you want to learn more? Check the video about payday loans in Texas by Nick Wilson experienced loan officer.

What Will You Need?

During the loan application, you’ll notice there are several requirements you must meet. Make sure to go over this list that features all the information you need to provide:

  • A valid, government-issued ID proving you’re of age.
  • To be a resident of El Paso.
  • Social Security Number.
  • An active checking account with your name on it
  • A stable income source of at least $1,000
  • A phone number and email address

How Much Can You Borrow?

Payday loans in Texas aren’t limited to the amount. So, applicants can request a cash advance anywhere from 50 dollars to over 1,000 dollars. On average, residents of area code 915 take out around 800 dollars. Our customers, however, usually choose instant cash from the following range:

When Will You Receive Your Funds?

AdvanceSOS gives instant cash to El Paso applicants as soon as they are approved. We make sure to work with lenders that understand the urgency of your situation and can pay immediately. So, as long as you’re approved, you could have the fast money by the end of the day.

Yet, there are some exceptions. For instance, this won’t happen if you apply on a non-working day or after our office hours. In these cases, the lender will send the deposit through the following business day.

APR and Fee

Payday loans in El Paso, TX, don’t come with a fixed annual percentage rate. Most of the time, the APR exceeds 400%.

It’s also important to note that payday loans online come with additional charges. Take a look at the list below to gain a better understanding.

  • Small loans below 30 dollars have a 1 dollar fee for every 5 dollars borrowed.
  • Payday loans in El Paso, TX, between 30 dollars and 100 dollars, charge 10% of the loan amount. Additionally, there’s a 3 dollars monthly charge for loans under 30 dollars.
  • Loans from 35 dollars to 70 dollars come with a 3.50 dollars monthly fee. Short-term loans that exceed 70 dollars, however, charge 4 dollars a month.
  • Quick cash over 100 dollars has a 10 dollars extra charge. Each 100 dollar loan charges an additional 4 dollars a month.

Regulations Surrounding Payday Loans in El Paso, Texas

Payday loans in El Paso, TX, come with strict rules. To guarantee the protection of everyone, they must be followed by all parties involved in the loan.

Advance payday loans don’t have a set minimum or maximum limit. So, customers are free to choose anywhere from a $50 to a 500 dollar loan or even higher amounts. Moreover, these small loans can come with two different terms. Single short-term loans can be paid off anywhere from two weeks to an entire month. Alternatively, installment loans are due within six months.

Additionally, payday loans in El Paso, TX, don’t have a cooling-off period. Meaning, borrowers don’t have to wait before they ask for a new loan. It’s also important to note that customers can request as many rollovers as they like.

Loan Alternatives

Payday loans online can come in different types that appeal to other groups of applicants. Check out this list of the top five advance payday loans in El Paso.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit history doesn’t make it impossible for you to take out a payday loan with us. We work with lenders that offer their services to applicants with no credit or bad credit scores. Usually, they’ll only perform a soft check and won’t harm your score any further.

Title Loans

If you need instant cash and own a car, a title loan might be the thing for you. These short-term loans work by the borrower signing over their vehicle’s title to the lender. However, during the loan term, the borrower can still use it. After they repay the loan, they gain full ownership back.

No Credit Check Loans

Those who don’t want to hurt their credit score should consider taking out no credit check loans. Many of our payday loan lenders perform only a soft check. Yet, you need to provide them with proof of employment and a stable income. For this, you can use a recent pay stub from your employer.

Payday Loans for Unemployed

If you’re facing unemployment, that doesn’t mean you’re not eligible for any financial help. Lots of lenders consider other revenue sources, like government benefits, pension, or retirement. So, if you receive any similar income, you might be eligible. Additionally, having a good credit score ups your chances of getting approved.

Legit Payday Loans

Payday loans in El Paso, TX, are completely legal. Moreover, we follow all state and federal regulations to ensure everything runs smoothly. So, Texans have nothing to worry about applying for cash advances through our AdvanceSOS platform.

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