Payday Loans in Midland, TX

Payday loans online are financial advances that help customers in need to cover urgent expenses. These can be unexpected car repairs, utility bills, or any other unforeseen expenses. Hence, these high-interest, short-term loans can be of great help until your next paycheck arrives.

The application process with AdvanceSOS is straightforward and quick, so it only takes a few minutes of your time. Applicants can get a 300 dollar loan, or a higher amount, within a day. Our service helps Midland residents of Texas in area code 432 get in touch with trustworthy and dependable lenders. Scroll down to learn about the applying process, types of payday loans, and regulations.

How to Apply for a Payday Loan Online in Midland

Applying for payday loans is a quick and effortless process. We’ve entirely digitalized the entire procedure, making it possible for customers to use our form and get approved online. Just follow the actions below, and you’ll be done in no time.

  • Load our webpage and hit the ‘Apply’ button.
  • Fill out the loan application with all the required details. Make sure to double-check the information to avoid any issues later.
  • Sit tight while we go over your application and present you with offers that best match your situation.
  • E-sign the loan agreement.
  • Wait while the deposit gets transferred to your bank account.

What Will You Need?

To apply for Payday loans in Texas, you need to provide us with personal details. Additionally, you must meet several requirements. To make the process easier, we listed all that you need to do.

  • A valid, government-issued ID proving you’re of legal age.
  • To be a resident of Midland, Texas.
  • Social Security Number.
  • An active checking account with your name on it
  • Proof of a stable income source of at least $1,000. You can use a pay stub from your employer or a recent bank statement.
  • Phone number and e-mail address

How Much Can You Borrow?

The State of Texas doesn’t specify a minimum or maximum limit on short-term loans. So, applicants can take out a cash advance anywhere from $50 to over $1,000. On average, Texas residents take out around $800. As for our customers, they usually settle for a cash advance from the following range:

  • 100 dollar loan
  • 200 dollar loan
  • 300 dollar loan
  • 500 dollar loan
  • 1000 dollar loan

When Will You Receive Your Funds?

Our lenders make it a point to get the money to the customer as soon as possible. So, as long as you’re approved, you could have the instant cash by the end of the day. There are some exceptions where we can’t deliver the money on the same day. This happens when consumers apply on a non-working day, like a holiday, or after working hours. In these situations, the application approval and money transfer will have to wait until the next business day.

APR and Fee

Payday loans in Midland, TX, don’t come with a set APR. Meaning it can exceed 400%. Additionally, these small loans usually come with additional fees.

  • Loans under $30 come with $1 for each $5 borrowed.
  • Small loans between $30 and $100 have fees of 10% of the loan amount. Additionally, loans smaller than $30 have a $3 monthly fee.
  • Payday loans online from $35 to $70 have a $3.50 monthly charge—loans over $70 charge an extra $4 per month.
  • Loans over $100 come with a $10 additional charge. Plus, each 100 dollar loan has a $4 monthly fee.

Regulations Surrounding Payday Loans in Midland, Texas

Advance payday loans come with a set of strict guidelines from the State of Texas. These regulations exist to guarantee the protection of everyone involved in the transaction. For instance, payday loans in Midland, TX, can come in two different terms. Single money advances can be paid off in 14 to 30 days. Installment loans are due within six months.

Note that Texas doesn’t limit the loan amount. So, you should have no problem taking out a 500 dollar loan or larger. Texas doesn’t specify a rollover limit or a cooling-off period. So, customers don’t need to wait at all before requesting a new loan from us. They can also ask for as many rollovers on the loan as they’d like.

Loan Alternatives

Advance payday loans can come in several different forms. Check out our top five alternatives to payday loans in Midland, TX.

Bad Credit Loans

Applicants with a bad credit score are still eligible for financial help. Our online lenders tailor their service to applicants with bad credit. They only perform a soft check, which won’t harm your credit score any further. Consumers need to provide proof of employment and income to qualify.

Title Loans

Title loans can be an excellent option for those that need quick cash and own a vehicle. These short-term loans work by the borrower securing their vehicle as collateral. During the loan term, they can still use the car while the lender has ownership. After the loan is repaid, the ownership is returned.

No Credit Check Loans

Applicants that are worried about harming their credit score should consider taking out a no credit check loan. These small loans usually come with only a soft check. Hence, the credit score should remain intact. Additionally, the applicant must provide proof of employment and have a stable income of at least $1,000.

Payday Loans for Unemployed

Consumers that are in-between jobs are also eligible for our payday loans in Midland, TX. AdvanceSOS helps borrowers get in touch with lenders that consider alternative income sources. These can include retirement, government benefits, or pension. Note that having a good credit score improves your chances of getting approved for a loan.

Legit Payday Loans

Payday loans in Midland, TX, hold legal status. We follow all federal regulations to ensure that everything goes smoothly and securely. Our borrowers are entirely safe when they’re dealing with our payday loans online.

ATM Locations in Midland, TX

ATM Location
ATM (Wells Fargo Bank) 580 W Texas Ave, Midland, TX 79701
Cardtronics ATM 4313 Andrews Hwy, Midland, TX 79703
Cardtronics ATM 3201 N Big Spring St, Midland, TX 79705
Wells Fargo ATM 901 Andrews Hwy, Midland, TX 79701
Cardtronics 4511 N Midkiff Rd, Midland, TX 79705
Cardtronics ATM 3300 Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79707
BBVA Compass Atm 3325 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79707
HEB ATM 5407 Andrews Hwy, Midland, TX 79706
Bank of America ATM (Drive-thru) 4309 N Garfield St, Midland, TX 79705
ATM (Community National Bank) 401 W Texas Ave, Midland, TX 79701
Walmart Gas Station ATM 2305 S Belmont St, Midland, TX 79701
ATM (Wells Fargo Bank) 4307 Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79707
Happy State Bank ATM 808 S Big Spring St, Midland, TX 79701
Cardtronics 4230 Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79707
HEB ATM 3325 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79707
Wells Fargo ATM Midland, TX 79701
ATM (Community National Bank) 1609 Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79703
Bank of America ATM 303 W Wall St, Midland, TX 79701
ATM 5312 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79707
ATM TX-349, Midland, TX 79706
ATM (Stripes) 2109 S Midkiff Rd, Midland, TX 79701
ATM (Wells Fargo Bank) 1030 Andrews Hwy, Midland, TX 79701
ATM My Community Fcu 912 N Midkiff Rd, Midland, TX 79701
Bank of America ATM (Drive-thru) 4401 Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79701
Security Bank ATM 488000390040, Midland, TX 79701
ATM 4921 State Hwy 250 Loop, Midland, TX 79705
ATM 5507 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79707
ATM 7ELEVEN, INC. 1112 S Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79703

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