Payday Loans in Odessa, TX

Have you ever had some time off but were broke? What can you do?

Well, here are several possibilities:

Stay at home and do nothing about it; Boring!

Find something cheap to do; it’s an option, but I’ve done everything low cost I can think of, and now it’s all boring!

Ask a friend if I can borrow some money; this always goes over big!

Get a Payday Loan; Why not?

How does it work? It’s painless!

Fill out an online form with some basic information, and a service provider will get back to you, usually within a couple of hours.

You must qualify by meeting these simple criteria:

  • 18 or older and have Identification: A valid Driver’s License, State ID Card, Military ID, Passport, or Passport Card.
  • An active bank account that has existed for at least three months.
  • Be employed for the past 3 months, or that you have a steady income of some sort.
  • Earn a minimum of $1000 per month.
  • Have a working phone number and a valid residential address.

When lenders assess your credit history, they do a ‘Soft Pull’ on it, which does not have an impact on your credit score. Loan providers don’t always do this; they’re concerned about your ability to pay.

If you’ve applied before noon, you’ll likely get your approval later that same day. In a lot of cases, you’ll get the money too.

If you apply during the last half of the day or off-hours, then payment will obviously be the next day.

Normally the money will be automatically deposited in your bank. Other arrangements might be able to be made in some situations.

There are different types of loans, one that suits every situation.

Payday Loans

The money is due on the next scheduled payday.

Unemployment & disability payments are treated the same as a paycheck.

  • $100 Payday Loans
  • $200 Payday Loans
  • $300 Payday Loans
  • $400 Payday Loans
  • $500 Payday Loans
  • $1000 Payday Loans

Personal Loans

The money is due according to the terms of the agreement.

Installment loans

The money is paid back in payments over a period of time.

Title Loans

Title to a car, truck, motorcycle, or boat can be put up as collateral for a loan. Often these types of loans have lower interest rates because the money has been secured by collateral.

No Credit Check Loan

The big credit companies aren’t involved. If anything, only a Soft-Pull is done in some cases, but it’s not a requirement.

Flex Loans

It is an open-ended pre-approved line of credit up to a certain amount. No Collateral; take as much as you want (up to the limit) when you want 24/7.

One-hour Payday Loans

For situations that are time-critical.

2nd Chance Loans

When you have had difficulties in the past with subprime lending and need a 2nd chance.

Legit Payday Loans

Loan sharks and other disreputable people are dangerous people to deal with. Our Lenders work within the law.

They “soft pull” your credit – your credit score isn’t affected. It gives some idea of how you manage credit and what amount of money you can be trusted with.

Service providers honestly explain their terms and conditions and don’t try to fool you with terms hidden in the small print. Full disclosure in a loan is required by Texas law.

They assure your ability to repay the loan by checking that you have an income from a job or other source.

They will never ask you for an upfront payment before showing you the best online payday loans. None of the direct lenders we work with does this, nor do we charge our service fee.

APR and Fee

AdvanceSOS.com charges no fee for using our services. Our network members pay us a fee for connecting them to you, but you pay nothing.

Fill out our easy-to-use form, and we will introduce you to our network of trustworthy lenders for free. The lenders will set the APR and the fee.

Our Network of Payday Lenders all follows the regulations by the State of Texas.

Cash Advance and Payday Loan Companies Near You (Lenders Locations)

Company name Address Zip code Phone number
ALL Cash Express 1305 E 8th St 79761 (432) 617-0044
Cash Store 3823 E 42ND St 79762 (432) 363-1808
First Cash Pawn 1902 E 42nd St 79762 (432) 362-4966
Texas Car Title & Payday Loans 4113 Andrews Hwy 79762 (432) 363-8200
Check ‘N Go Store #6730 110 Walmart Ct 79763 (432) 333-6800
Mr Payroll 601 N County Rd W 79763 (432) 580-7565
MR Payroll 9413 W University Blvd 79764 (432) 530-0160
Sun Loan Company 1432 E 8th St 79761 (432) 337-0561
Cash America Pawn 2819 Andrews Hwy 79762 (432) 337-2921
Cash America Pawn 1000 N County Rd W 79763 (432) 332-5370
Cash America Pawn 1012 N Grant Ave 79761 (432) 580-7296
Sun Loan Company 2812 N County Rd W 79764 (432) 614-4197
Kwik Kash 2 2804 Andrews Hwy 79762 (432) 332-2460
About Cash 5155 E 42nd St 79762 (432) 366-2274
MR Payroll 4203 N Grandview Ave 79762 (432) 550-3148
Advance America 1400 N. County Rd. West 79763 (432) 332-5625
Kwik Kash 3 1821 E 8th St 79761 (432) 331-9500
Fast Cash Check Svc 1314 N County Rd W 79763 (432) 335-8211
About Cash 1412 N County Rd W 79763 (432) 333-2274
Pronto Check Cashing 1320 N County Rd W 79763 (432) 334-0600
MR Payroll 2463 E 8TH St 79761 (432) 332-9672
Kent Kwik Convenience Stores 9413 W University Blvd 79764 (432) 381-1641
Money Place 2636 Kermit Hwy 79763 (432) 362-7058
Cendera Funding Inc 865 Tower Dr 79761 (432) 272-4774
West Texas State Bank 2426 N Grandview Ave 79761 (432) 367-5000
Excel Finance Co 3952 E 42nd St, Ste B 79762 (432) 362-7776
Citifinancial 4555 E University Blvd Ste B3 79762 (432) 367-7221
Onemain Financial 2237 E 52nd St 79762 (432) 362-3848
Star Envios 822 S Crane Ave 79763 (432) 332-8898
Cash Store 3823 E 43rd St 79761 (432) 653-5776
Citibank 3131 Kermit Hwy 79764 (432) 653-0345
Onemain Financial 4031 E 42nd St, Ste A 79762 (432) 368-7954
Odessa Housing Finance 3801 N Dixie Blvd 79762 (432) 362-2349
Southwest 66 Credit Union 1315 W University Blvd 79764 (432) 363-6600
Prosperity Bank 620 N Grant Ave, Ste 100 79761 (432) 580-2300
Lendmark 2237 E 52nd St 79762 (432) 362-3848
First Convenience Bank 3801 E 42nd St 79762 (432) 362-0749
Economy Finance Odessa 1406 E 8th St 79761 (432) 332-1311
Citibank 4900 E 42nd St 79762 (432) 653-0657

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