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Payday loans in Temple TX

Fast Payday Loan Lenders near Temple, TX

Borrow money for your urgent cash needs in Texas by visiting a lender’s office; or applying for an urgent loan online. But, if you need money fast from the best lender in your state, apply online. Check out the best features of applying for loans online here at AdvanceSOS. We also have for you a list of direct lenders near you in Temple, TX.

Quick Online Payday Loans in Temple, TX, USA Faxless


Payday Loans Companies in Temple, TX

Addresses, phone numbers, and reviews of lenders stores working nearby you:

Company Address ZIP code Phone Number Ranting Reviews
TitleMax Title Loans 1109 W Adams Ave 76504 (254) 477-1877 4.9 427
TitleMax Title Loans 2715 Thornton Ln 76502 (254) 477-6944 4.9 423
Sun Loan Company 916 S 31st St Ste A 76504 (254) 477-1116 4.9 291
Western Finance 8 E Central Ave 76501 (254) 477-3255 4.9 281
Check `n Go 1616A SW H K Dodgen Loop 76504 (254) 489-1161 4.9 187
Payment 1 Loans – Temple 1229 S 31st St 76504 (254) 477-9952 4.8 142
World Finance 1610 S 31st St Ste 104 76504 (254) 477-5264 5 134
Loanstar Title Loans 1303 W Adams Ave 76501 (254) 474-0278 4.9 129
Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services, Inc. 2522 E Hwy 190 unit a 76522 (254) 450-3681 4.9 125
ACE Cash Express 1040 S Fort Hood St 76541 (254) 452-2621 4.1 109
ACE Cash Express 1416 S 31st St 76504 (254) 479-9100 4.2 82
LoanStar Title Loans 3511 TX-53 76501 (254) 459-7630 4.9 68
Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services, Inc. 511 N Hewitt Dr #7 76643 (254) 466-2657 4.9 48
Atlas Credit Co., Inc. 1408 S 31st St 76504 (254) 474-0155 4.9 44
First Cash Pawn 3002 SW H K Dodgen Loop 76504 (254) 477-0666 3.4 43
Excel Finance 4311 S 31st St #110 76502 (254) 477-9087 3.8 39
World Finance 221 W Adams Ave 76501 (254) 477-2901 5 37
Covington Credit 2 S 1st St 76501 (254) 477-0048 5 32
Regional Finance 2314 W Adams Ave 76504 (254) 477-4145 4.6 32
CashMax Title & Loan 2501 S W S Young Dr #105 76541 (254) 469-0455 4.3 28
Stepstone Credit 1014 S 31st St #5213 76504 (254) 459-3011 4.4 16
Cash Store 300 E FM 2410 Rd #102 76548 (254) 461-5265 3.6 15
Texan Credit Corporation 1412 W Adams Ave 76504 (254) 477-3442 4.4 9
Cash Store 1200 Lowes Blvd Ste 104 76542 (254) 461-5885 2.3 9
Direct Bad Credit Loans 202 S 27th St 76504 (254) 427-3724 5 8
Cash America Pawn 1408 W Adams Ave 76504 (254) 477-8097 3 8
Bell Finance Co 1102 W Adams Ave C 76504 (254) 477-2333 5 7
Cash Store 211 Sparta Rd 76513 (254) 493-7300 1.7 6
Service Loan Company 215 W Adams Ave 76501 (254) 477-0070 5 5
Gold Star Finance Inc Temple 76504 (254) 479-0305 4 5
Family Loans of Temple 10 E Avenue A 76501 (254) 477-5241 4.2 5
Cash Store 719 W Rancier Ave 76541 (254) 455-4017 4.5 4
Capital Farm Credit 2115 Birdcreek Terrace 76502 (254) 477-3417 4 2
First Cash Advance 110 N 27th St 76504 (254) 477-1210 1 2
Quick Payday Loans 1404 W Adams Ave #52 76504 (254) 427-1917 5 2
Cash In A Flash 1020 S 31st St 76504 (254) 477-0776 5 1
1st Franklin Financial 4311 S 31st St Suite 110 76502 (254) 477-9087 1 1
The Money Station 1229 S 31st St 76504 (254) 477-9952 0 0
Security Finance 2 S Main St 76501 (254) 477-3678 0 0
Danny W. Crider | Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Loan Officer 3923 S General Bruce Dr 76502 (512) 265-6891 0 0

– companies ratings and reviews are based on their Google Business Profile. Updated October, 2023
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Do you want to learn more? Check the video about payday loans in Texas by Nick Wilson experienced loan officer.

How it works is easy!

Simply fill out an online form with some basic information, and a service provider will get back to you, usually within a couple of hours.

  • 18 or older and have Identification: A valid Driver’s License, State ID Card, Military ID, Passport, or Passport Card.
  • An active bank account that has existed for at least three months.
  • Be employed for the past 3 months, or that you have a steady income of some sort.
  • Earn a minimum of $1000 per month.
  • Have a working phone number and a valid residential address.
  • There is a wide range of different types of loans, one that suits every set of circumstances.

1) Payday Loans

The money is due the following payday. These include Quick Cash loans on unemployment & disability payments which are treated the same as a paycheck. If lenders need to consider your credit history, they do a ‘Soft Pull’ on it, which has no impact on your credit score. Loan providers don’t do this in every case; they’re more concerned about your ability to pay than anything else. If you’ve applied during the first half of the day, you’ll likely get your approval later that same day. In many cases, you’ll get the funds too. If you apply later in the day or during off-hours, then payment will obviously be the next day. Typically the money will be automatically deposited into your bank account. Other arrangements might be made as well in some situations.

2) Personal Loans

The money is due according to the terms and amounts agreed to. You tell the lender how much you need, and he’ll tell you what he can do for you. You’ll agree on an amount, schedule of payments and how much they’ll be, and other terms of the agreement such as late fees. The loan is unsecured, so you don’t have to put up your car or house as collateral.

3) Installment loans

The money is paid back in installments over a longer period of time. The time period can be for any amount of time up to around 30 years, although traditionally, only a bank will commit to something that long-term. Unlike a personal loan, the amount and number of payments are set, unlike a personal loan which could have variable payments, in theory. The loan may or may not be secured by collateral. If secured by collateral, then you can expect the interest rate to be lower.

4) Title Loans

Your title to a car, truck, motorcycle, or boat can be put up to secure a loan. Typically these types of loans have lower interest rates because the money has been secured by collateral. They are also usually shorter-term than an installment loan or a personal loan.

5) No Credit Check Loan

None of the big three credit companies are involved. If anything, only a Soft-Pull might be done in some cases, but it’s not a requirement. Generally, these loans are short-term and may or may not involve putting up collateral. If the collateral is put up, then you can expect the interest rate to be lower.

6) Flex Loans

It is a pre-approved open-ended line of credit up to a maximum amount. No Collateral; take as much as you want (up to the limit) when you want 24/7. It involves no collateral and works somewhat the way a standard credit card does as far as repayment goes.

7) One-hour Payday Loans

For time-critical situations. These loans are generally the same as standard payday loans, but approval is done in a hurry. Perhaps you have a good history with the lender, and your details are known and don’t need to be done again.

8)2nd Chance Loans

When you have a problematic past with subprime lending and need a 2nd chance, you probably won’t qualify for this type of loan if you outright defaulted on a subprime loan in the past. However, if you had problems with late payments or had to make partial payments, some lenders will give you another chance.

Legit Payday Loans

Stay away from loan sharks and other disreputable people. Our Lenders work within the law in Texas.

They run a “soft pull” credit check – your credit score isn’t affected. It gives some idea of how you handle credit and what amount of cash you can be trusted with.

Lenders clearly explain their terms and conditions and don’t try to fool you with terms hidden in the small print. Full disclosure in a loan is required by law.

They verify your ability to repay the loan by checking that you have an income from a job or other source. This is not a legal requirement, though, so your statement that you can afford the loan is sometimes enough.

They will never ask you for an upfront payment before showing you the best online payday loans they have to offer. None of the direct lenders we work with does this, nor do we charge you a service fee.

APR and Fee charges nothing for using our services. Our network members pay us a fee for connecting them to you, and you pay nothing. Fill out our easy-to-use form, and we will connect you to our network of trustworthy lenders for free. The lenders will set the APR and the fee. Our Network of Payday Lenders all follows the regulations by the State of Texas.
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