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The Average Interest Rates in Different States

Short-term Loans Interest Rates
Ohio 677% Nebraska 460%
Indiana 382% Texas 662%
Kentucky 460% Michigan 369%
Utah 658% Hawaii 460%
Iowa 337% Nevada 652%
California 460% Florida 304%
Idaho 652% Alabama 456%
Wyoming 261% Virginia 601%
Missouri 443% Rhode Island 261%
Wisconsin 574% Alaska 435%
Maine 217% Mississippi 521%
Illinois 404% Colorado 214%
Delaware 521% Oklahoma 395%
Minnesota 200% North Dakota 487%
Washington 391% New Mexico 175%
Tennessee 460% South Carolina 391%
Oregon 154%    

Reference: Center for Responsible Lending

Full Disclosure of Loan terms

The Truth in Lending Act legislation requires that all loan fees and rates are fully disclosed to clients. Lenders hold the full responsibility for disclosing all such details to you before you decide to agree to loan terms. Once you approve the terms of your loan, the lender will typically redirect you to their site where you can complete the application process and e-sign the loan agreement. Please make sure to carefully read and understand the loan agreement before e-signing it.

Policy on Late Payments

All lenders have their own policies regarding late payments. These policies about late payments are included in the loan agreement, so make sure to review them before signing the document. In terms of fees associated with late payments, all lenders from our network must comply with all rules/regulations/laws.

Policy on Non-Payment

Please note that additional fees and charges may be applied in case you are unable to pay the loan back. is dedicated to working with loan providers that have a great reputation only and that employ reasonable and lawful means when it comes to collecting overdue repayment.

Policy on Loan Renewal

Please note that all policies on loan renewal are directed by state laws. In states that allow loan renewals, the final amount of your loan may be significantly increased by late fees and added interest. Thus, they are better avoided, when possible. Please make sure to fully read and understand all provisions in the policy on loan renewals provided by your lender before you decide to accept and sign the loan agreement.

* This information does not serve as legal advice and it may not be updated all the time. You should direct any questions regarding applicable regulations to you either to your lender or to a lawyer. Some US states have no personal loan statutory provisions into force.

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